Arrrrggghhhh.. Judge Flores

You cannot hire enough judges anytime soon and he doesn’t get to just “hire” federal judges anyway.

The CONGRESS needs to rewrite the law that exempts all but Mexicans from being turned around at the border when they enter the country illegally. That’s exactly how you address the problem.

This is not the fault of the gate keepers. This is the fault of those who write laws that make the gates full of people, gaming the system.


so its congress fault correct… so umm prior to 2019 who held both the house and the senate?

These laws go back a LOT farther than that and in fact without 60 votes in the Senate you cannot change these laws.

This is on the Congress and BOTH sides.


the party that held both house could have put forth a plan to address this … to say oh it will fail because we may not have enough votes is not an excuse to fail at your job… again they had time to do this for awhile now

Republican can’t govern they couldn’t even repeal Obamacare after 10 years.



You put up laws that stand a chance of passage. Otherwise you just get labelled as losers.

And AGAIN, I’m not absolving either side for this. You seem to want to blame the Republicans for laws that the Democrats in Congress helped to write and voted for, too.

It’s the laws that have failed. Stop blaming the guy trying to enforce them with the tools he has.

When the laws fail it is up to the Congress to FIX them - not pretend they have nothing to do with them and nothing to do with any solutions.

What do we pay them for?


Do you agree with trump about the Judge Flores decision?

Why isn’t he wrong about the Flores decision?

ummm i think you are wrong on this… this article was from 2017 times have gotten worse

I’m not telling you we are not allowed to hire more federal judges or that we aren’t trying to boost them. I’m telling you it isn’t as simple as putting out a job offer.

That’s not how we get federal judges.

The system is in crisis and the back-log is now in the YEARS, it isn’t going to disappear unless and until the laws are changed that stops the REASON we have any back-log at all. We SHOULD be able to turn around illegal immigrants from any nation, just as we do with Mexicans. To do that we need to change the laws.

And that is entirely on the Congress to do.


It is the Flores decision that makes it necessary to release illegal aliens into the United States, where they usually disappear until they somehow get caught by ICE.

That is WRONG.


Reno v. Flores only deal with minors not adults.

so the government should be allowed to detain minors without due process indefinite?

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Its not Congress fault Trump and the DHS can’t follow the law.

You misunderstand.

The President tried to hold the adults who came with the minor children but he then encountered a ■■■■ storm over separating children from their parents, so he has to release all of the family after 20 days.

The back-log of families waiting for a judge is a result of the Congress failing to pass a law that allows us to turn around immigrant families from nations other than Mexico.

When that wait goes over 20 days we have to release the kids, and because of the separation thing, we also have to release their parents.

They then disappear, usually for years, until ICE catches them.

That is WRONG.


That has nothing to do with Flores.

Flores only deals with unaccompanied minors.

Actually it is.

They haven’t appropriated enough money to allow the President to uphold the law and they haven’t changed the laws which are causing the back log.

It is TOTALLY their fault, in fact.


This is something the President created himself.

by not detaining families together and shipping parent off to federal prison he is creating unaccompanied minors of their children who fall under Flores.

This whole situation is 100% The WH fault they dug this hole themselves.

This could 100% be solved by the DHS keep families together in dentition. the WH claim that it illegal to keep families together in dentition which is false Obama, Bush, did that.

The way it works is if the administration tries to hold the parents for illegal immigration the children then BECOME unaccompanied minors and subject to the Flores decision, so the administration cannot hold their parents.


Only If the Children are held sepereately.

which is why Clinton, Bush, Obama detained families together.