Armed Citizen Saves Cop

Well, well…

But, but, but … how will the cops tell the good guys with guns from the bad guys with guns?


If other cops pulled up on the scene and saw the guy firing, how would they have known Kreskin?

He was the one shooting at the guy who was shooting at the cop.

:rofl: I love that you believe that with all of your heart and head. It’s pure genius.

Why wouldn’t I believe it? That’s what happened.

Merely anecdotal.

:rofl: what’s that supposed to mean.

Bold move Samm, just make up your own story and run with it. Show me where it says anything about other cops showing up while the shooting was going on buddy.

There are free dictionaries online.

Oh I know what the word means. What I don’t know is what you mean.

Lucky cop. The guy who stepped up is a real hero.

By who he was shooting at Einstein.

It was a good day.

I never made that claim. I was responding to this:

Have you already forgotten that you made that post?

It was an imposter I tellya, an imposter!

lol - I asked you what would have happened Samm.

You then posted that that is what did happen. And now you say you never made the claim. You are adorable.

lol - You’re adorable too.

And you are anything but.