Armed Citizen Saves Cop

It is simply impossible to believe that you could have anything whatsoever to do with gun instruction and say something so incredibly stupid as “By who he was shooting at Einstein”.

That other police showing up to a call that officers are under fire would see someone with a gun shooting and calmly assess that he was not one of the threats to the officers and saddle up next to him and start shooting along with him is truly one of the dumbest ■■■■■■■ things I’ve ever read on these boards. I applaud you and Samm for setting a new bar.

Cops rolled up and shot a ten year old boy playing with a toy gun in a playground and you defend that because of a call that didn’t even include any police being fired on and then come up with a nutbar assessment like this that cops would know because they would first look to see who was firing at who.

Both of you are ■■■■■■■ hysterical! :rofl: Thanks for another truly great laugh

You don’t know squat.

We know what happened, He jumped out and aided the officer saving his life. There was no confusion as to who he was shooting at nor would there be.

Cop’s may not be the brightest people in the country but they can tell which way your gun is pointed in broad daylight and who you are shooting at.

Uniformed officers pull up on shootings involving plain clothes officers every day yet we don’t see them being killed by their fellow officer with regularity do we?

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Speaking of nutbars, was that ruled a good shoot or bad shoot? Was the officer indicted?

What do you think the ruling would have been if another cop showed up on that seen and shot your hero? Good shoot or bad shoot?

It would have been a completely unlawful shoot.

You failed to answer the questions above shall I repeat them?

lol - completely unlawful shoot. So a cop shows up and shoots somebody with a gun drawn and shooting and you are going to tell his wife and kids that he is going to prison.

You are a ■■■■■■■ hoot!

And then out the other side of your mouth you tell the mother of that ten year old boy tough luck.


I’d tell that mother her kid is dead because they were dumb enough to send him out to “play” with a gun that looked like a real gun, that had he not been waving it around scaring people, they would not have called the cops.

I would then tell her he’s dead because when the cops rolled up he yanked up his hoodie, reached to draw the gun and left them no choice.

Parent is also a verb and they failed to parent so their kid is dead.

Now, once again see if you can answer the questions, they aren’t even difficult.

Exactly what question is it you’ve asked that has not been answered?

When I said that was what happened, I was referring to him shooting at the guy who was shooting at the cop. Do you need everything explained to you?

Poor choice.

No it wouldn’t.

Seems my explanation of my opinion on this was deleted. Can’t really tell. So I’ll post it again.

I say this thread is merely anecdotal because it is just an attempt to further the good guy with a gun narrative. Tomorrow or the next day someone could post a thread with a good guy with a gun who does harm thus negating the point in th op.

It a good thing that a life was saved though so don’t go missing my point like so many like to do in this forum.

Let’s see three.

lol - Nice cover Samm.

If you would up your game I wouldn’t have to explain everything to you.

But that’s probably too much to expect …

The facts don’t change because you aren’t happy with the outcome.

Yes it would. You can’t as an LEO lawfully shoot someone who is acting in a a perfectly lawful manner.

They’d have immunity because of the circumstances but it would not be ruled a good shot.

What it is, is a perfect example of how the good guy with a gun scenario actually plays out.

We have 1.5-2 million DGU’s in this country every year by citizens who are lawfully armed vs a tiny fraction of incidents comparatively in which criminals do harm with firearms.

In this case the life of at least one cop was saved and everyone but the bad guy got to go home.

Try reading the word “could” and try to comprehend what that means.

That’s great but it doesn’t change the fact this this is merely anecdotal.