Arizona man, "threatened" by black kid listening to rap music in his vehicle, slits his throat and murders him

Elijah Al-Amin was listening to rap music in his vehicle on the 4th of July when Michael Adams, who later went on to say that people who listen to rap are a threat to both him and the community, approached the teenager with a knife and slit his throat. According to police reports, Adams thought it was just a good idea to be proactive.

They are already trying to use a mental health defense for Adams, because apparently being a racist is now a mental health issue instead of a character one.

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Tragic. That guy actually does sound like he’s mentally ill though, not that it’s an excuse.

OP Where is your proof of racism? Your linked article mentions this defendant thought “those who listened to rap music” to be a threat?

Some white peoples listen to that crappy music. One—Eminem—performs it.

Where does this defendant mention any race at all? Looks like he killed for the kid’s taste in music, not race. Wierd defense, but then a San Francisco defendant, Dan White, claimed he killed the Mayor, Harvey Milk, as a response to high glucose from eating too many Twinkies.

We’ve had the Twinkie Defense, and now, 40 years later, we have the Bad Music Defense. Anyone want to guess what the next creative defense will be?

Yes, just one. :roll_eyes:


Can we find some proof this defendant acted on race?

He himself stated “people who listen to rap music are a threat”.

He didn’t kill an adult black man in uniform on his way home from work, or a black person shopping for their weekly groceries.

He killed a black teenager—despicable as it is, but does anyone have anything to prove it was race (Skin Head while in prison, for instance?). Anything?

Why are you asking me? I simply pointed out the absurdity of this line:

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As non legal personnel, I see Murder in the First—maybe just maybe guilty but insane—no additional time or death penalty under hate crime legislation. Probably LWP.

But it’s not absurd.

White people DO listen to that crappy music. Lots of them.

Just because only one performs it (at the superstar level – countless white people actually perform it at various levels) doesn’t change the point Janet made.

(For the record, I saw the defendant’s action as targeting a black kid, but that was heavily influenced by the spin of the headlines and articles that cover it. I’m not sure Janet’s point is the right hair to split here, except that it IS a reasonable reaction to the cultural tendency to see racism behind every issue. This one is just a tougher hill to climb.)

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Yes, it is.

Many white people listen to rap, yes. “Crappy” is subjective.

Now you’re doubling down on ignorance. Here are just a few superstar white rappers to get you started: Beastie Boys; Mac Miller; Macklemore; Post Malone.

Hopefully he will be conviced (confessed so he should) and hopefully Arizona has the death penalty.

beatie boys
vanilla ice

Google brings up the 25 most popular white rappers. Not sure what one’s really are and really aren’t. Gave Weird Al Yankovic as a white rapper.

I used to love the Beastie Boys, and I used to love making fun of Vanilla Ice. :slight_smile:

I think Weird Al counts. What about Trump favorite Kid Rock? El-P, Brother Ali, House of Pain… The list goes on and on.

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Why is there a need to defense this horrible piece of trash as not a racist?

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Most of those were listed. I never thought of kid rock as a rapper :open_mouth:

Vanilla Ice now does high end re-models in Florida. There is a show called “Vanilla Ice project” that follows his renos.

Some people refer to it as rap-rock. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Really?! That sounds . . . kind of awesome.

Racist have to protect their reputations. They don’t want to be seen as murderers and rapists…

He was for the first part of his career.

He didn’t get into the whole “country/soft rock” thing until the late 90s.

Before that he rapped. Funny story his first album is literally one of the most vulgar rap records I’ve ever listened to. He used more profanity and made more sex references in his tracks than NWA at the time and that is saying something.

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Eh that was his middle career.

He’s kind of went full on pop-country/Rock now.

I never liked him. But every white girl in south central Mississippi I tried to get with in the mid 2000s was a huge fan so I always kept some on my MP3 player.

I haven’t followed his career but that makes sense. It seems like almost everyone is pop-country/rock these days.

Google tells me his second-biggest Billboard hit was Bawitdaba, which sounds rock/rappy to me. Watch out for nasty comments below this video: Kid Rock - Bawitdaba - YouTube

Last one I watched was a “tear down” he bought for 700k. Had it listed for something like 10 mill after he was done. He did a helipad with helicopter garage/man cave, basketball/tennis court, infinity pool. THEN he started on the house. The designer he called to stage it said it would cost 75 grand for the furniture and that alone.