Arizona Democratic state Sen. Tony Navarrete arrested on suspicion of sex with minor

What is with these creeps? I really am running out of words for these guys.

What happened to the legal principle of presumption of innocence until proved guilty?

That only applies in the court room.

Quite right. Does Matt Gaetz deserve the same consideration? He’s not a Democrat.

Has Gaetz been charged?

No. But anti MAGA posters have already adjudged him guilty by rumor. Maybe even you.

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Is there a basis for that assertion?

There was a thread on the rumor. Maybe you weren’t involved.

Was i?

Maybe not. I confused you with Canadian Judo. My bad.

But plenty of evidence for the assertion.

I am sure we don’t have the same accent.

I have the impression either one or both of you are aussies living in Canada.

For clarification as the user name would imply Canadian Judo is domiciled in Canada and is Canadian to the best of my knowledge and as my user name implies I am an Aussie domiciled in the state of Western Australia.

Why do you see this question as necessary to be answered before answering the question I posed?

I don’t think user names imply anything reliable.

In my case it is accurate.

That was Kavanaughed.

You asking?

He resigned as a state senator and under investigation of 7 counts of child abuse youngest being 12 years old when it happened. More than one accuser, not sure how so many of these people slip by the radar when the opposition group is trying their best to dig up dirt on them.


The feds aren’t screwing around with this. There was another arrest today for nearly the same thing in Minneapolis.