Are you tired of winning yet?


Can you give an example of a policy Trump is trying to remove us from and what bad position that policy put us in?


The policy of free trade with countries who do not honor the factors that determine free trade. A good example would be the pollution restrictions on those companies who manufacture their products inside the US vs going to China, who then bastardize their environment due to manufacturing that doesn’t have those same pollution requirements, then shipping those goods back to our country at a price lower than if done here…cleanly.


The issue of evening out environmental protections was a centerpiece fo the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which President Trump withdrew from… so you can hardly claim this as a policy President Trump is trying to correct.

Economists, who by and large do not get their opinions from Fox News, teach us that the primary cause of trade imbalances is the differential rates of spending and saving in each economy. We spend more, the Chinese save more, hence an imbalance.

Those same economists also teach, based on historical evidence, that a country can safely run a large trade imbalance as long as it pays for goods in its own currency, which the US does.

Of course its a lot easier to remember “China bad guy!” then study economics.

The gravest danger China poses is its lack of respect for intellectual property rights – another matter Trump has paid no attention to.


The first does NOTHING to negate what I said.

If the US dollar loses it’s respect around the world, we will no longer be able to do that and we are on a course to lose that.

I agree that the stealing of our intellectual property is a serious one but I also believe it’s being addressed better now than under any previous administration.


Your comments on the TransPacific Partnership suggest you understood it no better than Trump did. He insisted China was a beneficiary when it was not even included. The TPP addressed environmental protections. You can say it did not, but the facts don’t support your view

Why are we on a course for the US dollar to lose respect in your opinion? Ten years ago it was all “We’re turning into Greece. Now it’s We’re turning into Venezuela.” All this fear-mongering but what’s the basis in economics?


IMO…it would be a combination of things; one, “we” can no longer service our debt and two, another economy rises to rival or surpass ours due to the negative trade imbalance.


we would turn into Venezuela if the utopians get their way; however, there is one small difference

we have a second amendment


Three cheers for free market economics! Hip, Hip, Hypocrisy!


“Trump wins re-election by razor-thin margin, again”


You appear to be equating unhappiness to dissatisfaction with an elected President. If so, I encourage you to bank your happiness for the next 18 months. :sunglasses:


So, your fantasy of ruling by force overweighs the results of the people ruling through the electoral process. Does the word “democracy” mean anything to you?


democracy is mob rule.

(2 men and one woman vote… you know the rest)

besides, this constitutional republic isn’t a democracy


And ruling with guns is what… exactly in your opinion… other than mob rule. You are standing with Mao, who said that “All power comes form the mouth of a gun.” Are we left with a choice between Maoists and Democratic Socialists?


Nope, I stand with Thrasymachus…


Given the nature of manuscript, there’s debate about what Thrasymachus meant. What’s your interpretation?


I’m not tired of winning.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.


the one with the power shapes the events…


In Plato’s “Republic” perhaps but in our republic power does not reside with one.


life, liberty, property… choice…

pure power? depends on the definition…


Any role for law or is law just a servant of power?