Are you tired of winning yet?

Donald Trump promised us so much winning, America would grow tired of it. So what do we see this morning?

  • A sharp drop in monthly employment figures
  • Record federal budget deficit
  • Record international trade deficit
  • Annual GDP growth below 3% again
  • Stock Market flat for more than a year
  • Coal fired power plants closing at a faster rate than they did during the Obama Presidency
  • Massive tax cuts for the wealthy failing to produce the promised increases in corporate investment and employee wages
  • Average tax refund down 18%
  • Illegal immigration surging
  • Kim Jung Un maintaining his nuclear development efforts despite significant unilateral American concessions
  • World leaders sit on their hands when the US Secretary of State calls on them to support American policy towards Iran
  • No meaningful policy to address opioid use, fifteen months after Jared Kushner was made responsible to address this
  • Significant increases in hate and bias crimes since November, 2016

If this is winning, what would losing look like?


Hope your luck turns as good as mine soon. I’ve had a great two years.

The Trumpsters won’t care. They think we’ve never had higher GDP, that NK is no longer a threat, that the debt doesn’t matter anymore, that coal is roaring back, and on and on and on.

In other words, they reject reality and insert their own in their adulation of Trump.

You mean you hope the nation’s luck turns as good as yours, right?

Behold the power of the anecdote.


And I hope some of you others become as happy as I am soon. Life is a beautiful gift. :sunglasses:

It’s no contradiction to be happy/lucky in life, and still recognize that Donald has been a ■■■■ show for the nation.


Yep. But that’s what happens when feelings rule over facts.

I’m sure you were saying the same thing when Obama was in office. :joy:

Most people tend to judge the world from the perspective of how they are doing, not the overall trends. Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980 while repeatedly asking Americans “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Given the oil crisis fo the late seventies, the answer carried Reagan to the Presidency. Every presidential election is a referendum on the previous four years.

Close, I’m repeating the same things said when Obama was in office. They were correct then as well. :wink:

May be a matter of personal taste, but I dislike the style so many conservatives have fo announcing "Liberals all think _____ " and they then provide a position that is too stupid for any self-respecting person to endorse. Why don’t we just let Trump supporters speak for themselves. Putting words in other people’s mouths tends to discourage dialogue.

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That’s a fair point.

However, one only has to look at this forum and elsewhere to see that Trumpsters truly don’t care. As the OP pointed out, it’s nothing but broken promises and flat out lies. Yet he enjoys 90% approval with the GOP.

I feel confident in saying they absolutely will not care.

I bet the good people of Lordstown aren’t tired of all the winning yet.

Thank you Trump can I have another!

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As Nate Silver has pointed out, Trump’s high approval within the GOP is based on two trends:

  1. The # of declared Republicans is shrinking
  2. There’s been a 15-20% swap-out as Romney/McCain style Republicans switch to being Independents and Independents who dislike the Romney McCain wing of the Republican Party switch to the party of Trump.

The less diversity in the party, the greater the degree of uniformity in opinions, but this is the sort of trend that leads to the Republican wipeout in 2018.

Losing would look like those in the past whose policies have placed us in the position Trump is attempting to remove us from.

Do you think Trump cares about you?

No…I don’t.

I agree. He’s not trying to improve anything other than what would benefit himself.

…and I don’t totally disagree.