Are you tired of winning yet?


law can be a servant of power if one enforces the law… enforcement comes in spite of the desire of the one on whom it is served… if one has the power to prevent enforcement, one does…

preventing enforcement can come as a result of compliance or fugitive status… again, the one with the power is shaping events…


My income was up significantly this year and yet my taxes are down.


Trump is hostile to brown people. When these economic indicators don’t directly affect supporters’ pocketbooks (yet), then all you need is “Trump hates the same people I do.”


I am in an all-day Sprint planning meeting at work so I’m supposed to be paying attention, but I decided to fact check one random line cited in OP

It appears that tax refund is down from last year but not nearly by as much as OP described:

Unless OP meant that tax refund is down 18% since Trump took office which I really really doubt is the case.


The IRS has released different numbers during tax season for the change in refunds. This was an early figure from a month ago. The larger decline was more recent. It will probably keep fluctuating until the end of tax season.


You didn’t say if it was monetary or mental happiness.


So we don’t vote for potus, or congressmen?


Way back when Bush Sr was president i was at the gym talking to a bunch of guys and someone mentioned the upcoming. One dude (a salesman) said something like “Well I’m doing okay so I’m going vote for him again”.

I’ll never forget that. It was my epiphany regarding how little people actually care about our country’s long term health.


Isn’t that weird? lol


Well, I haven’t won the lottery yet, but in due time I’m certain. lol

I am about to have my third child with my wonderful wife of 11 years though, so I got that going for me, which is nice, especially since this is the Year of the Boar!


actually, you vote for electors for potus


Boar. Is that from the original Chinese?

Can’t say I’ve ever heard anything but pig.


Military thing, with a play on the Chinese Zodiac. My last unit’s name was Wild Boars, given to them by the way they smashed the German front lines at the Marne. It’s fitting that my last child will be born this year.