Are you left wing or right wing?

I’m not a big fan of these labels. And here is why. They really do not tell you anything. In my opinion, the proper description would be constitutionalists or non constitutionalists. Either you support the constitution or you do not. I don’t consider myself to be part of any “wing.” I consider myself to be a constitutionalist. Which was considered to be a good thing for over two hundred years of history. Nearly all of our representatives were constitutionalists. They only differed in policy. Such a government spending, taxes, war etc.

And while we’re at it. Are you a globalists or nationalist? A globalists puts the welfare of the entire world over that of his country. A nationalist puts his country first. Again, until fairly recently nearly all of our representatives were nationalists.

A constitutionalist who at a minimum doesn’t believe in the 14th & 15th amendments. Brilliant!

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I think left and right are reductive and inadequate and severed from history, principle, etc. There’s a discussion to be had, perhaps.

But this really just seems like another roundabout way of preparing the lifeboats. Parsing. Semantics. Blame evasion. It leads to tri-cornered hats and endless repetitions of I’m an INDEPENDENT! (or Constitutional Conservative) or some other ■■■■■■■■■ when the time comes.

Republicans voted for Donald Trump. They support Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a Republican. The GOP is the conservative and rightwing party in the US. He is inextricably tied to the GOP and the American right. There’s no escaping this, as was done in 2009-2010. No. ■■■■■■■■ Way.


Thank you!!!

That’s one vote in favor of eliminating the stupid “wing” theory for of my better description. Constitutionalists believe that the constitution can be amended and that the supreme court can interpret the 14th and 15th amendment.

And BTW. You should ask people what they believe not tell them. You are incredibly confused. I don’t know any constitutionalists who have any interest in repealing the 14th and 15th. And neither do you. Simma down.

Not everyone is thoroughly versed in the Constitution and its history to make such a distinction. I would think that most people know how they feel on certain issues and as such distinguish themselves that way.

And why is that?

Because our schools do a woeful job of teaching history and government. And when they do, many times its simply propaganda rather than facts.

By the “right” you mean constitutionalists. Yes? If you want to label us, Why not call us that?

Because its self serving, self congratulatory bull ■■■■■ Fetishisizing the Constitution doesn’t mean understanding or believing in it.

Contemporaneous example: Self described “Constitutionalists” pretending to not know the 14th Amendment, birthright citizenship, or what “jurisdiction” means. Or, not pretending.

The lot you describe would love to do away with and rewrite large swaths of the Constitution. They’re right wingers, as is the OP.


The entire reason we tend to use “left wing” or “right wing” is BECAUSE of differing interpretations of the constitution.

Pretty much the far left sees over half the country as right wing, and the rest of the country as in the middle.

Not correct. Right wing is capitalist and small government. Left wing is socialists and oppressive government. Socialists typically have little interest in the constitution. It usually gets n their way.

No, I’m definitely correct.

Thanks for proving my point correct.

Yes, most people do that–even people who insist others should refer to them as constitutionalists.

Not correct. Right wing is capitalist and small government. Left wing is socialists and oppressive government. Socialists typically have little interest in the constitution. It usually gets n their way

No those are not the definitions, unless you completely detach the terms “right” and “left” from their origins, history, and context. Your claim is ridiculous. Did you ever take a European history class? And why not just take the advice of your own OP and dispense with these terms altogether instead of misusing and abusing them like this?


Left wing, right wing, lib, conservative - these terms have been twisted to the point of being pointless these days.

I’m a strict constitutionalist who believes in fiscal discipline, fiscal responsibility, and a small government who stays the hell out of the way of it’s people.

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Threads like this don’t express an earnest interest in discussion. They simply exist to broad brush and paint those who disagree as fascist/communist/socialist. It’s the buzz coming out from the “constitutional” media right now.

It’s 2018. And people are still making this argument (to the degree that it even is one) that was sort of interesting when Friedrich Hayek made a real version of it almost 80 years ago. It was mind-numbingly tedious in 2004 when I joined. Now–ugh. These people learn nothing; they forget nothing.

Thanks for agreeing with me.