Are you left wing or right wing?

Are you judging me? Now isn’t that special. Cuz ya know, it’s not an earnest discussion until party-free declares it to be. And who the hell is this “they” you are referring to. I ain’t part of no “they.” I am one of a kind. That’s what makes me so irresistible. Doncha think?

But I am going to take my own advice. From this point on I will self identify as a constitutionalist. And by liberal rules you will be forced to accept it. :laughing:

Small govt lol. See the latest budget. Bi partisan support for large govt

Where do you think those soybean subsidies come from, the subsidy fairy.


What the hell does that have to do with me? I am definitely for small government. Always have been.

You voted for trump, the big govt republican, did you not.


Looks like you’re fine with labels, you just prefer one over others.

It’s broad-brush label time? Sweet!

I prefer deplorables and non-deplorables, and isolationist and leader. The right are deplorable isolationists, obviously.

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It’s good you pointed that out, otherwise they’d be really confused. :wink:

They aren’t that sharp, I would provide a picture if I had one.

The terms were coined during the French Revolution. It had to do with where the people sat actually - aristocrats sat on the right and commoners sat on the left. All hail the left.

You agreed with me.

We refer to “Right-wing” as people who interpret the constitution one way, and “left-wing” who interpret it another way-as I said, and as you affirmed in your response. You literally just did that.

I like it when some of the angrier ones make a mummy of themselves with the American flag while identifying as Constitutionalists, meanwhile wanting to get rid of birthright citizenship. The bright side is that a man wrapped in cloth cannot beat his wife.

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They’re better at labels. They’ve got the flag, the Constitution, and being a Real American.

What do we have?

Tofu. Tofu is what we have.


Yes. I did. BTW Trump has reduced the size of government. There are fewer government employees than before he was elected and fewer regulations as well. My only complaint is the national debt. He has pledged to do better on the next budged. But that’s what they all say. I will reserve judgment until I see proof.

Simply beautiful. No clichés, no words minced, no punches pulled.

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That has not reduced its size.

I’m pretty sure right wing and left wing come from France where the right wing was where the rich land owning nobles sat in their legislature, and the left wing was reserved for the peasants. Or something like that. I have no idea where the US constitution falls into this.

Uhm sure. I almost voted for Hillary based on her government reduction plan. :laughing:

“The left” has feminists (though these aren’t necessarily “left-wing”), intersectionalists, critical theorists, Marxists, animal liberationists, anarchists, social democrats, Stalin apologists, luck egalitarians, individualist anarchists, social anarchists, anarchists-without-adjectives, syndicalists, queer theorists, Tolstoians, “radicals”, trade unionists, TERFs…:sleepy:

Government “size” is not a thing. It’s an absurd notion.

The division from that time had laissez-faireists on the left, too.