Are you a FORMER Trump supporter?

This may end up being the shortest thread in forum history, but here goes…

I am continually surprised by the level of loyalty of Trump supporters. My social media feed and this forum is full of pro-Trump comments from people who proudly voted for him and continue to support him in spite of ongoing investigations, indictments, guilty pleas, admitted infidelity, skyrocketing deficits, flat stock market performance, etc etc.

I’m curious to hear if there are people on this forum who at one time had enthusiastic support for Trump but have since had a change of heart.

Did you support Trump enthusiastically in 2016 but feel today that he no longer deserves your support?
What caused you to change your mind?
What was the last straw for you?

The dream of Trump haters… to find a community of people who regret their vote for Trump.


What do Trump lovers dream about?


Progressive liberals following through with their promise to leave the country if Trump is elected.
I dream of that. :smile:


The conservatives who were prone to supporting Trump got on board during his campaign. They’re not likely to get off that bus–not unless they’ve got money in the stock market, and most are living paycheck to paycheck, if they’re employed.

The conservatives who found Trump disgusting never supported him. They’re not likely to ever change their minds either.

It appeared to have been an all-or-nothing decision, and it happened during the campaign.

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It’s actually just as interesting to observe the faction of Trump voters who simply cannot decry anything he does. Thank you for that.

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Can’t stand Trump and did not vote for him but I’m still grateful every day that Hilary Clinton is not president. I voted 3rd party and would absolutely do so again.

I’m hopeful that both parties run someone else and someone worthy of a vote in 2020. So far it doesn’t look promising as its probably going to be Trump or Pence vs some Clintonesque type.

Glad I hold your interest. I love what he is trying to do as POTUS.

I’ll bet you do. But it must be hard keeping up with exactly what that is, you know, since there’s no substance and his policies change hourly.


The OP asks for those who were former Trump supporters to respond and still…Trump haters couldn’t resist.

My gosh people…lighten up. It’s Christmas Dick. It’s Christmas Ebenezer…

I think most of the educated upper middle class suburban voters who voted for Donald in 2016 are lost to the Republican Party at least through one more election cycle. All one needs to do is look at all the Republican districts that flipped. Plus, with a souring economy on the horizon and the investigations and convictions in TrumpWorld, I expect even more will turn against him in 2019.

In the end the only ones left supporting him will be the basket of Deplorables.


Is that a thing? Never heard of it. Probably don’t want to.


I don’t understand it either, looking for people to repent for the crime of casting a vote. In 2020 the world will still be spinning and it looks like we might even make it through a four year presidency with no new wars like Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

You’ll find a short supply of republicans who would have rather had Hillary appoint two far left judges to the SC, regardless of how they feel about Trump.

Just like Rush and Ted Nugent? Americans still have hopes they’ll carry through with theirs.

Democrats are living under the same myth they lived on in early November 2016. They believe nothing but their beliefs are the only legitimate ones and everyone has to agree with them.
This…stuff…about repentant Trump voters began the day after the election.
It is bogus. Fine. Let them believe it as much as they want.
What will probably happen is they will pick some socialist loser to run in 2020 and Trump will wind up with a second term.


Biden not good enough for you?

Except Trump is unlike any other president we have had. You cannot use the same measuring stick. Trump is truly making dangerous decisions and surrounds himself with crooks.

That is what you voted for… a con artist.

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There are no former Trump supporters.

There are those who recognized him as a flaming pile of dog poo from the beginning.

There are those who will see him as the Savior of all they hold dear even as he burns it all to the ground, no matter what the truth tells them.

And then there are those who will be on their deathbeds denying they ever voted for him.


Well said, Black Wolf!

You wrote the narrative well.

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