Are you a FORMER Trump supporter?

Just to be clear: I don’t expect Trump supporters to now shift their allegiance to Hilary. I don’t expect them to wish Hilary had won or to wish they would have voted for her.

What I do expect is for some Trump fan somewhere to say:

“I thought I was voting for an outsider, a businessman who was going to shake things up. I thought we were going to get an “executive” in the executive branch and a savvy negotiator as our chief diplomat. Instead we got all the drama of a celebrity President–sex scandals, lots of palace intrigue, barely literate 4:00 AM tweets, multiple provable lies on the daily, and so much golf! Trump has taken away gun rights, and deficits are skyrocketing. Trump is not a conservative, and the drama that he brings to the White House can’t be helping the Republican brand. This isn’t what I expected. I’m beginning to think that we would have been better if we had nominated Ted Cruz.”

But I never hear that. In fact, the crazier things get, the more enthusiastic Trump supporters seem to be about their candidate. It truly is as if he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any support.


Electric sheep.


I’ve never understood what “supporter” means.
There is no election in progress. How could I support Trump even if I wanted to?

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Everyone knows what “supporter” means.

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Progressives and liberals are two different types of democrats.

You have progressive democrats and liberal democrats and they are two different people.

For instance in then new congress you have 95 congress people who belong to the the progressive caucus and 90 who will be members of the New Democratic caucus (aka liberals)


Hmm. Perverts and sheep in the same room. Interesting.

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That will be much easier in 2021 during his second term.

You expect? I expect Trump haters to realize they have been lied to.

There are progressive liberals, dude.

The irony of this post is significant. And amusing.

We do realize we’ve been lied to. By Trump…every day…

When will you wake up to that fact? My guess is never.

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Nope, dude. Those are two different groups.

Progressives are 95 members lead by Pelosi

Liberals are 90 members lead by Jim Himes (Wassermann-Schultz is a member)

they might overlap on some policies but they are two distinct groups.

Allan (educating cons on Hannity since 2002)

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Add to that, some conservatives (really, republicans) voted for Trump more as a “Hillary is worse” scenario than “Trump is going to Make America Great Again”.

It might have been a small contingency, but it was enough to give Trump the Presidency.

Those conservatives (republicans) may have regretted that they did pull the Trump lever. Not that they wished they voted for Hillary, but maybe voting for a 3rd party candidate.

Now, now. Rush and Ted were joking.

Now, those Democrats who vowed to leave the country when either Bush or Trump were elected NEED to leave. They definitely were not joking.

I recall Rush was going to move becasuse of ObamaCare to Costa Rica - a country that has universal health insurance!

You can’t make this ■■■■ up.

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If Democrats ran anyone else but Hillary Trump would not have won.

It is difficult to leave a cult.

I imagine that this is partly the reason. To real Christians, an empty earthen vessel is the perfect vessel in which to pour the holy spirit.

Laying it on a bit, thick, are we?