Are we safer now? that is the question

are we safer now
Iraq wants our troops out
Our troops that are there to fight ISIS have to instead concentrate on protecting themselves.
Shia militias have a new target
There’s a very good chance Iran mounts a cyber attack.

all becasue we decided to kill a guy that we’ve had a chance to kill multiple times but decided the consequences weren’t worth it

all of this was true anyway

Safety should not be the driving factor. We should always terminate mass murders. Even if it could be “unsafe.” If we were to go to war with Iran, I’m guessing it would be less safe for anyone living in Iran.

BTW. There is no right to safety.

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So we shouldn’t kill the people that kills Americans…is that what libs are saying?

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Kim Jong Un? Putin? Bin Salman Al Saud?


Safety first! :roll_eyes:

Kim Jung-Un killed American Otto Warnbier.
But Trump and him are pals, they fell in love.
Did we kill Kim?


Not other people’s mass murders. We ain’t the world poe-leece. No offense, but the “are we safer” line is used as if the United States was founded on safety, not freedom. :face_vomiting:

No we’re not.


That’s like if some Antifa starts killing Trump supporters we shouldn’t retaliate because that might provoke left-wingers.


so we are going to take out the leaders of NK, saudi arabia,russia and china?

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Hive mind libs at it agin! :rofl:

If there Generals are out in battlefield killing Americans…yes.

We don’t take out mass murderers who write nice letters to Donald :peach:

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We are as safe from Iran as we have been for over 40 years. :roll_eyes: The boatload of $$$$ from Obama was a lot more dangerous then Trump taking out their top terrorist general.


Why do libs ALWAYS leave the chinese off their lists of bad guys??

I think I know why.

According to general Petraeus they didn’t kill him when he was the commander because the guy never left Iran.

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We have been working with that same mass murderer hand in hand in the not so distant past. Like the past couple years. Does that make a difference?

It sure does! Why the hell has Soleiemani been killing his business partners? :man_shrugging:

What has ISIS done to us?