Are we safer now? that is the question


We should always terminate mass murderers.

Hey Kim!

As a cult or as a terror organization

As a cult they have done some damage to us.

Such as?

NYC bombing in 17. He declared allegiance. There are a bunch of others who declared allegiance. Again as a cult.

Which bombing?

Port authority.

The San Bernardino wife or the husband one of them declared as well on social media.

The attempted bombing? With a pipe bomb?


They are a doomsday cult.

Ok, if you say so. ISIS hasn’t done anything to us.

Okie dokie.

The difference between a gamer and a western ISIS follower is the rug on the floor.

They weren’t members of ISIS.

Kim who? Kardashian? I think we should stick with killin people who are killin us. Fair enough?

Gamers kill, social media obsessed youth kill but if they find a unifying Physical cause To kill but aren’t actual members of that cause then the cause does not lead to the effect?


Judging by the Iranian response, we are a lot safer than we thought we were.


That is a fair point. I certainly understand that point of view. People have to realize that travelling to North Korea could cost them their lives. Any offense can get you the death penalty. When you enter N.K. you are at their mercy. Avoid it by staying away. Soleimani hunted Americans. Hundreds of them. And only death stopped him. The Otto situation was really tricky. I don’t know what I would have done. What would you have done?

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Soleimani wasn’t the “leader” of Iran, he was a military “leader”. A very powerful one at that too!
But he gone.

Nothing says Freedom like completely ignoring the sovereignty of one of our allies, then refusing to leave when they ask us to, and then threatening to hit them with sanctions if they ask us to leave again. :roll_eyes:

You have two options then.

  1. Vote him out of office.

  2. Impeach………Again.

Better get busy. Time is short.