Are we headed for another government shutdown?

Just now. I was chomping. :wink:

The debt ceiling is for money already spent and lots of it the Republicans already voted for. Plus that 3.5 million bill hasn’t been passed and I still highly doubt it will be without being watered down a whole lot.

So, If Nancy can’t get is passed with just dems, why won’t she try a bi-partisan approach? That would solve both problems, right?

I don’t think the republicans want anything that is in the 3.5 billion bill. They are supposed to vote on the bipartisan on the 27th of this month. I would be happy if they pass that and that huge monstrosity just fell apart.

Yes, the bill would have to change to be more bi-partisan to attract reps votes… That’s the point. But Nancy won’t do that.


How do you change it to make it something the republicans will vote for when they literally don’t want anything that is in the bill. There is no way to compromise when you are against everything in a bill.

What makes you say that? Have the dems offered any compromise to find out?

NO Idea. And I don’t really care because I hope that moderate Dems tank it. No idea why the government should pay for people’s childcare as just one example. But, this is still no excuse to the Republican’s to be willing to put the country in default when they helped spend the money that will put us there.

But the dems have the vote to extend the debt limit, if they want. So, why is it the reps fault?

Because the reps and the dems both voted for the spending that will put us over the debt limit. They are both responsible.

The average American is a lemming.


Didn’t you believe Russain collusion for 3 years becasue the TV told you so… ?

The average American isn’t as politically active as they should be. It’s how both the right and left get to control the parties. It’s why both parties love gerrymandering makes it so much easier to get hard right and hard left politicians elected.

You should see all the misinformation I have to put up with at work.

When I hear it, it makes my blood boil.

The best one was when some brilliant coworker of mine claimed the new biden stimulus package couldn’t pass because of the 50-50 senate. Lol.



Perhaps the reps are worried about future spending. And this is their only leverage…

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Can you point to a time when reps had the both branches of congress and the Presidency and did anything to cut spending?

The past is the past. The question is about the future.

Nancy and the dems can pass the limit when they want, and if they want reps to vote for it then compromise is in order. That’s our system…

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Jesus are you clowns going to try to do this again? Intentionally crash the economy by not raising the debt limit?

Not raising the debt limit isn’t a government shutdown,
It will tank our credit rating and our currency. It is much much more serious.

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Yeah. 3.5 trillion is a little hard to even imagine, isn’t it?