Are UFOs really some sort of alien technology?

UFOs have been making the news lately. Here is one recent example involving pilots on US aircraft carriers:

A former UFO investigator with the British government claims that UFOs have had close encounters with passenger jets:

Are UFO’s some sort of alien technology? If not, what are they?

What should governments do about UFOs if anything?



Nothing. It is unidentified.

It is silly to assume that it is alien technology. That should be at the bottom of the list of possibilities, not the top.

If they are Chinese or Russian technology, we are in big trouble.

Unknown stuff flying around in apparent violation of the laws of physics is not reassuring especially when they seem to be attracted to our aircraft.

What should governments do to understand what these things are?

That’s a whole lot of “what ifs”

You don’t know what it is.

No one does.

Hence… unidentified.

Come on guys. Of course these are aliens. We’re running out of boogeymen to be afraid of down here. Where do you think the next invented boogeyman that is going to be a threat to our liberty is going to come from? Why else would we need a Space Force?


I absolutely believe there is life on other planets. I also absolutely believe they have never visited Earth in the last 70 yrs since the UFO craze began in Roswell.

Any alien life sufficiently advanced to travel across interstellar distances is going to be so far advanced beyond us that they aren’t going to flying around in ships in our skies.

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Why do you think the UK and US governments are starting to release information about UFO encounters? The UK has been declassifying its files, and someone at a high level had to allow Navy pilots to discuss their experiences with journalists.

According to the video (starting at 2:45), the UK has reports of dozens of encounters with UFOs with commercial airliners, including cases where pilots had to take evasive action. That sounds like a legitimate safety concern to me. How can we address safety issues if we have no idea what these things are?

First thing is to identify them.

Once something that is unidentified becomes identified it is a mundane thing 99.9999999% of the time.

What if the Russians or Chinese or other nations have developed some technology breakthrough? Clearly that has security implications even if it does not involve aliens.

On the other hand, is it possible that these things are really space probes from some extraterrestrial civilization? We have been broadcasting radio waves to the galaxy for about 100 years. Is it possible we have attracted attention with the broadcasts?

I think with mobile phones we should be getting some decent photos by now if these were actually structured craft,however we are still getting blurry images.

It’s like every picture of Bigfoot is a blobsquatch

It would seem that we would have much better pictures of all of this stuff by now.

Or… the much more likely scenario is that it is something completely mundane, just not identified.

Anything that can accelerate the way that radar reports have shown must not be constrained by the normal effects of mass. Making pinpoint turns at supersonic speeds would create forces for 1000s of gs that would kill any pilot and destroy any conventional materials. The power required would also be enormous.

The hazy appearance may be a feature of the physics involved.

We may have lost our chance at getting the full truth when Trump beat Clinton:

The truth is out there somewhere . . .

I agree. They would be advanced enough to find out anything they wanted about us without a personal visit.

No. But I’m not ruling anything out. I just haven’t seen enough. I love the videos where a UFO suddenly makes a 90 degree turn at an incredible speed. So Baldor flies here all the way from Beta Reticuli and he has yet to learn that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Maybe Baldor was drunk?

That’s assuming they’re even interested in us to begin with. Sorry, they’re just not that into us.

UFOs are alien drones. They’re just looking for some candid shots of naked humans to post on their social media.

They’re alien Bill Clintons looking for women.