Are the rats leaving the sinking ship of Biden's vaccine mandates?

If firing vaccine refuseniks is good for the companies’ profits and the health of the employees, then why are so many of them suspending vaccine mandates in response to the recent court injunction against federal enforcement of Biden’s decrees? Nothing prevents the companies from enforcing their own mandates that are consistent federal and state law.

Are the rats leaving the sinking ship of Biden’s forced-vaccination edicts?

Curiously, the national media seems to be ignoring this news. Why is that?


Even I knew these mandates weren’t going anywhere. It was a bad idea.

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Yes, the basis for the mandates is shaky at best which is why there are injunctions.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t companies keep their own requirements?

Do they realize that attempting to bully employees into submission would be counterproductive?

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Many companies have rules for Covid. And I expect this will continue because case rates and death rates are not dropping rapidly in some areas.

i bet it comes down to the company’s leadership. many of them like to play dictator too


The article is from August. Are they still enforcing the mandates that the courts halted?

If they are, what happens when ~20% of their workers leave because they would rather get fired than take the vaccine?

If they fire vaccine refuseniks and only vaccinated employees are left, who do they blame when they still have COVID outbreaks?


Where has that happen?

I have seen the opposite…dozens out of 40k state workers refused. About .0012%

The article was updated on November 16th.

Here is another article that addresses employees leaving.

From the article:

But the experience of many of the companies like United and Tyson Foods (TSN) that have imposed strict vaccine mandates is that very few employees — well less than 5% — have quit their jobs when faced with the choice between vaccines or job loss.


PORTLAND — Officials in Oregon say at least 99 state workers have been fired for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

KOIN reports the figures from the Department of Administrative Services show that out of more than 40,000 state workers, 84.7% received the vaccine and 12.2% were exempt on religious or medical grounds.

Same answer today as yesterday and the day before that…they are nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party, pushing their agendas and spinning reality into the narratives that support Democrat initiatives.


They are desperate to keep those initiatives going thru the mid terms so as to keep the mass mail in ballots going.

Otherwise they are toast in the mid terms.

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But that didn’t stop the libs here in their attempt to force it upon everyone else…it just tell us what else libs would force onto society.


So only 84.7% were actually vaccinated and at least 99 were fired. The percentage vaccinated appears to be close that for adults in the US. Did the mandate actually do anything?

College campuses with 95+% vaccination rates have had outbreaks, and there is mounting evidence the vaccines are close to worthless for the Omicron variant. What basis is there to continue the mandates?


You had me at “hello”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Portland brings NOTHING of use to the party of sanity.

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Yes, Tysons can exploit a generous supply of migrant labor provided by Biden’s open-border policy.


99 people were fired for not getting vaccinated, out of 40,000 state workers.
Your claim was 20% would be fired. 20% would be 8000 people…

That’s the absolute truth!

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Wonder why the 99 did not get the easy exemption.

Throw the executives of Tyson in jail and seize the company.