Are the rats leaving the sinking ship of Biden's vaccine mandates?

It’s the “seize the company” comment that troubles me. Seize for whom… the government?

There needs to be real punishment for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

Seize the company for profiting off of criminal activity.

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Agree with the ‘real punishment’. Life imprisonment if needed. Or shoot em on the spot.

The word 'seize" keeps showing up in your post though. Seizing anything for the government simply makes the government bigger. And that is bad for America. Why punish everyone else with a bigger government when the crime was committed by only a few?

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If an individual profits off of committing a crime, that person can have their assets seized.

A corporation, being a person, should also have their assets seized for profiting off of criminal activity.

The crime was committed on behalf of the corporation to profit off of the exploitation of illegal labor. The corporation should be held to the same standard as an individual.

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You keep trying to pretend I am against the punishment. It’s dishonest to do so. Your narrative tells you that conservatives are against such punishment. So you keep believing that and posting an implicit strawman… implying that I am against the punishment. I said nothing of the sort. Your narrative is false.

Break up the corporation. Burn it down. Scorch the earth. Dissolve the corporation and let the former legal employees do what they want with the assets. But stop with the “seizing” for the government nonsense. The government is the biggest offender in soliciting the illegals to come here.

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Can’t do any of that stuff without first seizing it.

Glad you are onboard.

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Sure you can. Incorporation is a government action. Involuntary dissolution of a corporation is a government action. After dissolution, the corporation no longer exists.

The Delta Variant is still the predominant variant. And it is killing more then 1K per day. And I have heard multiple Doctors say that these deaths are preventable. And more folks vaccinated will continue to reduce the number of cases that have to be hospitalized.

Seizure would be immediate and orderly… but if you want it to be your way… okay then.

At the end of the day the result is the same. The people who have profited off of illegal labor are punished.

But they don’t. Tyson got caught years ago and cleaned up their act. Their hiring practices have been under the microscope for years. And they would suffer major monitory penalties if they were caught again hiring illegals.

For the fifth time the SCOUS has issued a procedural ruling on a Covid mandate case.

Pure evil.

We simply said we really really would appreciate it if you got vaccinated. And as of September we were at 78%. But we were not going to mandate it.

I think it may eventually be like MMR vaccine a requirement of school attendance but…if the virus continues to fool the vaccine the way it sometimes does. That won’t happen. You can’t mandate something that basically works like the flu shot.

They need a better broad spectrum vaccine. A one or two shot series that lasts years not months.

Amtrak has suspended its mandates:

Will Biden ever admit the truth about Amtrak?




A ping-pong match all the way to the SCOTUS.

Reversal rates by circuit

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Thanks for that. Interesting data. Certainly a big contrast between the more conservative and liberal courts.

my pleasure