Are the left turning to fascism?

Fascism is where the rights of the state is more important than the rights of the individual, and so is socialism… So, both are just old fashioned tyranny…


Not one leftist has condemned what their fellow leftist are doing?
And they wonder why politics are in the gutter.


Don’t be ridiculous. Nothing.

Why would they argue with you when you don’t know what you’re talking about. This conflating of progressives and fascist lacks historical definition. You’re just making ■■■■ up.

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Socialism is actually an economic failure.


and a religion…

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Another who does not want to condemn what his side is doing. Guess he agrees with these fascist.

It is now. Yep.

I’m not a Democrat.
I’m not a Liberal.
And I don’t have a “side”.

So…do you want to talk about the problem of hyperpartisan politics in general…or do YOU only want to talk about “one side”?

:rofl: :rofl: You’ve offered no argument, just a lot silly emotional BS.

This is a thread about democrats who want to destroy conservatives in what ever way they can.
Want to talk about that?
Is their next step to ban conservatives from their states and cities?
To label the republican party as domestic terrorist?

So I take it that you agree with these leftist and like what they are doing? Are a lot of the left going back to their KKK roots only this time they are going after a different group of people?

Who defends ANTIFA? Show us any example that supports your claim. Otherwise its just phony outrage.

But when the Obama Administration raised the issue of right wing terrorist groups, the Republican Party rose en masse to denounce this effort… which greatly set back law enforcement from dealing with the groups that have been the primary source of domestic terrorist killings for the past fifteen years.

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More BS not worth arguing. It’s the old ‘‘Have you stopped beating your wife’’.
It lacks intellectual integrity.

And this post of yours is the similar. No one wants to argue something that’s not an legitimate argument from the start. Another ‘‘When did you stop beating your wife’’.

Libs own this terrorist group.



Yeah, sort of a confusing argument to me as well.

The Left is sort of the direct opposite of fascism, which is on the extreme end of the Right. And Antifa literally fights fascism.

I suppose if you invent a different definition of fascism then you could say the Left is embracing it, since it is your own definition you are using.

But the actual definition? No.


I agree. There is no doubt however that the left embraces extreme authoritarianism.

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In the fringe, certainly. Far, far left.

In the far, far right we have fascism. But again, it’s a fringe of the Right.