Are the left turning to fascism?

Are a lot of the left turning into Antifa?
We seem to have silence from the left on what is going on within their party.
In the past week they have remained silent on their leftist city San Francisco declaring the NRA as a domestic terrorist. Is their next move declaring all conservatives domestic terrorist. Where is Nancy on this why is she not condemning her city and calling for this to be struck down.
Leftist actors in Hollywood have called for making a list of all actors who attend an event for Trump and using that list to make sure these law abiding US citizens never work in Hollywood again.
We have leftist in a dem city making lists of conservative business so they can drive them out of business.
Is the next step for all dem run cities to declare all conservatives domestic terrorist and banning them from living and working in their states and cities?
Is this what we have become? I remember when both party’s courted the other side. I remember when you could disagree with someone but still were friends. Has hate infected each party to such a degree that there is no going back?
We have seen these kind of things happen before in the past where leaders have painted the other party as evil and must be destroyed and the out come was horrific.
Who on the left is going to call this out and condemn it? Who is going to be a real leader? If the American voter does not call this out and put a stop to it than I am afraid the United States is on a down hill spiral.

Do you feel this is bad as, say:

Calling the press the Enemy of the American People?
Saying the Fed chairman is a worse enemy than China?
Telling US citizens to go back to where they came from?

Just trying out your threshold for what’s “fascist speech” or not.


This question is unanswerable. The definition of “fascism” is too malleable.

Turning to? No.

It is Woke Supremacy. Authoritarianism.


What more whataboutism? Don’t care to talk about what the democrats are becoming? I seem to remember there are many threads about what is wrong with the republican party.
This one is about what is wrong with some on the left? Care to comment?

As we watch the right fully embrace the propaganda machine, constantly defend lies, and go full nationalist, it seems a bit odd for them to be pointing the finger anywhere.


No I don’t care to talk about what the Democrats are becoming without the full context of what politics is becoming to be explored.

So absent you providing that context, I’m providing it.

You can’t have an objective discussion on the topic if you insist the topic be limited to only the context with which you feel comfortable.

So…care to comment on what breaches your “fascism filter”?

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Cant condemn what some in your party are doing can you?

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Just like China. But is there really any difference between socialism and fascism. Both are just tyranny, not liberty.

How does a city that allows sewage to flow down the streets to the Ocean have time to worry about national issues?

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No you only want to talk about what’s wrong with the other side.
You have no problem doing that.
That are plenty of threads on here doing just that and I seem to remember you having no problem joining in with the why aren’t those on the right condemning this.
But when it comes to your own party what do you want to do? You want to make rules about what we are going to talk about? To talk we must include the other side?
Why can’t you just come out a say this is wrong and I don’t agree with it and the leaders on the left should be calling this out and saying stop.
Full context of what politic is becoming what a joke. Side step, change the subject to something I like better.
When you are silent about the wrong doing on your side but shout from the hill tops about the other side what’s that make you?

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What is your definition of fascism? Then we can comment on whether “libs” are becoming fascist

OP, didnt you make this thread yesterday?

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I couldn’t find it

Antifa is ANTI-FASCISM, so its literally impossible for that to happen.

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Except that Antifa are fascist and the left are defending them at every turn.
Do you defend what these leftist are doing or do you condemn them? Not hard or complicated. Yes or No?

Look don’t blame us that your team suddenly went just short of openly crypto-fascist and started supporting basically every other crypto-fascist party around the world.

Except their not.

Antifascists are the real racists?

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Well the people who condemn racist are now racist according to Trump… so up is down now

Definition of fascism

1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized [autocratic] government headed by a [dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Kinda sounds like Trumpism doesnt it?