Are the dems about to screw up yet another opportunity?

In 2016, the dems blew it by forcing Hillary Clinton on us virtually unopposed. They chose the worst candidate that they could possibly choose. Then they were shocked when she lost. They decided that it was worth the risk. Nearly every other democrat was afraid to face her, because they knew that there would be hell to pay if she won. So you locked yourselves into Hillary and lost. Stupid mistake.

Now you are making an equally stupid mistake. You are locking yourselves into a platform that alienates the majority of Americans. Only the far left and progressives support most of the democratic agenda. Newsflash: The top priority of most Americans is not how we can better take care of foreign nationals. Very few American’s are focusing on better health care, education and opportunities for Guatemalan border crashers. People have their own circumstances to deal with. Libs, if you believe that Americans are going to rally around the platform of free health care for Haitians and Hondurans then bring it on! And enjoy four more years of President Trump.


I agree.


Two plus years of the kooky russian hoax conspiracy has proven one thing. They have to keep the crazies interested.

Unfortunately for them, craziness is apparently contagious and it now rules the party top to bottom. Good for them.

Keep it up.


Of the twenty candidates, they have three or four who could offer Trump a serious challenge. They already have the progressives locked in. If they continue to alienate the center. they are screwed.

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I agree.


Who would that be?

Those would be the moderates. Unfortunately, I don’t see that any of them currently getting the nod. My biggest fear is that one of the radical socialists becomes the nominee and against all odds beats Trump.

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They don’t have the progressives locked in. That’s why they lost in 2016. Hillary Clinton was to the right of Donald Trump.

In your dreams. :roll_eyes:

There is some merit there.

LOL. Healthcare is a democratic issue; they ran on Obamacare in the 2018 midterms and ousted the Rs from the majority of the house +40

as long as they keep the issues on Healthcare.

They will take the White house.

R’s wanted a repeal of Obamacare. That was NOT popular with the midterm voters and they got their heads handed to them.


Here are three big ones.

She was:

Pro-Free Trade
Wanted to sign TTP
Fiscally conservative

She had also started putting her cabinet together and it included a couple of bankers who wanted to privatize social security. So she may have gotten that done by 2020.

Not in my book! I keep hearing that from Tea Party pure conservatives. I identify with much of Trump’s political ideology and pragmatism, as that’s very close to where I am. In that regard, I can assure you I am not even remotely to the left of Hillary.

Well if you say it then it must be gospel :rofl:

Right now, all of the dems are fighting for the 20 percent on the far left. Leaving the 50 to 60 percent in the middle untouched. I think if someone such as Tulsi Gabbard were to not lock herself into this fight for the left, she could have an golden opportunity to seize the center.

Is the dem center worth seizing anymore?

Not from what I’ve seen. They all want to give free healthcare to illegals. They want to decriminalize being here illegally. They want a stronger DACA and protections for family members as well.

There’s zero appeal to so-called moderate democrats. No such thing exists any more.

They’re more concerned with illegals than citizens.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that current Trump supporters will still vote for Trump and never had any intention of voting for anyone else. Does that sound correct?

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How do you know what the moderate Democrats want?

That is 1000000% accurate.

They (Trump worshippers) should just all do early voting.