Are the dems about to screw up yet another opportunity?

Rather than offer a one-line zinger, how about providing some areas where Trump’s policies are to the left of Hillary? I’m not talking about what Trump might or might not have done in the past, I’m talking about the here and now.

Trump will likely be the GOP nominee in 2020. Why in God’s name would I vote for the DEM candidate, whoever that might be?

Because I’m not sold on voting for Trump again. I’m trying to find anything I can relate to on the democratic side, but it’s proving difficult.

They’re all out trying to court the illegal vote.

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If you decide not to vote for Trump again, that is basically a vote for the DEM candidate.

Dems want single payer Medicare for all and no private HC insurance so essentially Dems are now rejecting Obamacare. The Dem Party is confused and crazy! :roll_eyes:

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Because it would be a waste of time and effort.

Dems are tired of waiting for Trumpcare.

Trumpcare - Waiting to hear this amazing plan since Day 1.

I betcha the farmers of America are anti-tariff. did you see how Iowa voted in the midterms?


As usual you’ve got nothing. But hey you continue to nail those one-line zingers! :wink:

I’ll betcha they will once again vote for Trump in 2020. :wink:

I’ve got plenty. As I said there isn’t any point with you.
Speaking of one liners how about the whole agree to disagree thing. Or regurgitating LW talking points.

You are right about what Americans care about but somewhat myopic in your characterization of what the Democrats will run on.

I am not predicting the outcome, I believe there are credible strategies the lead either party to victory.

However, it is only the selection of debate questions that has given prominence to the issue of healthcare for illegals.

Democrats will probably run on:

  1. Healthcare for Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions. (This was the major winning issue in 2018 and polls show it continues to be the top concern of Americans. Even Trump has announced Republicans will run as the party of healthcare, but no one gives that statement much creedence.

  2. Protecting aboriton rights. The Democrats won’t win any votes among right-to-lifers, but will use this issue to drive turnout among college educated women (a group that has swung more Democratic since 2016)

  3. Protecting voting rights. This issue will be used to drive African-American turnout.

  4. Mistreatment of undocumented children on the border and in US facilities

  5. American values vs. Trump values. This will be a background issue, but the Democrats will want to separate themselves from Trump’s bullying and lying

Republicans will run:

  1. The state of the economy – assuming the GDP and Stock Market are still going strong.

  2. Stating the “invasion” on the southern border – this is the main issue to turn out Trump’s base

  3. Creating a conservative court system – this is the main issue to turn out other Republicans

  4. The fundamental flaw of whomever the Democrats nominate. If Biden: age and treatment of women. If Sanders: SOCIALIST. If Warren: her questionable Native American heritage. If Harris: Not a real African-American. If anyone else – the Republicans will come up with something… but the counter to the Democrats attack on Trump’s personality and honesty will be an assault of at least great strength on some perceived flaw in the candidate.

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Odd this didn’t get addressed.

No one is owed your vote and your vote is not a vote for any other candidate than the one you vote for. I voted for Gary Johnson and I have never regretted it.

Even though Hillary lost my state by 10,000, I have never regretted not voting for her. I liked Gary Johnson.

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I like Tulsi…the D unfortunately do not.

The gun grabbing will be at a fever pace with any except for Biden. Biden will still try and sneak away more gun rights.


single payer Medicare is a pipe dream for some. will NOT happen until dems get 60 seats in senate.


If its Mayor Pete - Republicans will run the scare tactic that Mayor Pete is forcing gay on everyone.

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would you vote for her over trump?


So left of Hillary.

That’s because it was a compromise to Republicans.

The Dem idea in 2009 was to pass the Republican created Romney-care through the whole US. How could they be against their own idea? They found a way…