Are teachers' unions the main source of "systemic racism"?

Thomas Sowell makes the case that the teacher’s union are really perpetuating a system of oppression by preventing poorer kids from getting a better education, and teachers’ unions are funding campaigns to end school choice that benefits Black kids. Here is an excerpt of the arguments:

Why then is Biden against charter schools? Because the teachers’ unions are against charter schools. And, unlike Black voters, teachers unions – with millions of members who vote and millions of dollars to donate as political campaign contributions – do not automatically give their support to either political party, without getting something big in return.

A majority of the students in charter schools are either Black or Hispanic, and they usually live in low-income communities. So teachers unions’ opposition to charter schools is directly in conflict with the interests of low-income minority students. But low-income minority students do not vote, and their parents do not donate millions of dollars to political campaigns.

BLM has been pushing “defund the police” as the answer for “systemic racism”. My observation is that kids with a good education rarely have any need for dangerous interactions with the police, and they have a wide range of opportunities for advancement. Police are usually dealing with problems that are a product of a failing educational system.

Should we really be talking more about defunding the teachers’ unions and less about defunding the police?

Are the teachers’ unions the main source of “systemic racism”?

There’s no magic bullet when it comes to education. What makes great schools are exceptional students and exceptional students are the product of who their parents are and how they are raised.


Charter Schools in large numbers fail. We see it in Indiana all the time.


No. Besides, how would you? Teachers unions I believe are funded through members fees and donations.

Inaccurate. Systemic racism exists in areas beside the police force… Defund the police is not the answer, just part of the answer.

I always enjoy Sowell. Even on the rare occasions I disagree wit him he always makes a solid, logical argument.

Public schools have been failing all over the nation for at least forty years but instead of closing them we keep pouring good money after bad.

To a very large extent those “dues” are have been mandatory for decades.

If systemic racism is everywhere why is virtually the sole focus on Defunding The Police?

Biden has withdrawn his earlier support for charter schools in spite of their success:

Teachers’ unions are demanding defunding the police and ending charter schools. They are putting their own political and economic interests above those of the children and society as a whole:

Are Biden and the teachers’ unions really perpetuating a system of oppression that they are supposedly working to end?


…and it really is that simple. Charter schools are here because these parents realize their children are suffering their education in the public school system due to the lack of parental support. It’s the children of those parents who disrupt the educational process that is negatively effecting their child’s education…period.

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Gary Indiana. Perfect example. Inner City, high Crime. Failing schools since the 70s. Answer, CHarter Schools…Poured all kinds of money into these schools…and guess what, They still fail. Not sure what the solution is. You can’t pay good teachers enough to go into these schools to teach. Not enough Hazard Pay to ease the fear.

Gary hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1943.

They’ve had 77 years to fix the city and the education system

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Nobody knows the source of systemic racism. There is a reason for that. This way, the left can claim the country is over run with white supremacy without actually having to identify any white supremacists. Or their crimes. Basically just declaring everybody except for themselves to be guilty by proclamation. It’s pretty evil ■■■■


Yes there is and a magic bullet, two of them actually, 1. Get rid of the DOE and 2. Get rid of teachers unions.

BINGO!! Our failing school system is an example of a systematic problem that definitely includes racism. GET RID of the system of the DOE & Teachers Unions and you pretty much get a simple fix.

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Administrators would make life for teachers hell. They can be total power hungry bullies. I hear the stories from the inside. They need a union. Just not an activist union.

They don’t need a Union, they need an HR department, the ability to fire bad Administrators and teachers, no tenure in any capacity and all must sign an Arbitration agreement before employment.

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Yes they have been but as we have seen charter schools/for profit schools aren’t the answer either, and voucher “school choice” programs are worse.

So maybe instead of pushing one or the other because it’s the “right way”, we actually systematically look for the “right way”?


Schools have trouble finding good teachers NOW.

Go ahead and make what you just outlined conditions of employment and you’ll see a teacher drain so fast it’ll make your head spin.

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Even with a union, our district’s administration and school board has the teachers cowed.

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Did Ya just look that up? Or are you from around the area and know that? If you are from the area than you know that Gary’s issues stem from a broken steel industry and the resulting decline in the number of jobs available leading to a start economic decline. NO MAYOR could fix that town.