Are Republicans doing any introspection on WHY they lost the White House, House and Senate over the course of the last 4 years?

I could be wrong, but as far as I know, no one within the Republican establishment has even acknowledged the shellacking they took. What’s the deal?

This thread will be fun to revisit in 2022.


You are correct

As crazy as it sounds some of actually believe they won. Why would Trump lie to them?

Why is Trump still living in the brains of obsessive libs? He lost.



So far it looks like the solution is MOaR TRUMP!!

Which is interesting…

Doesn’t Trump still carry like a 70% approval rating among Republicans?

I mean I know how bad sane Republicans want to dismiss him… but he has the party by the ■■■■■

I hate repetition.

If the OP is truly interested in knowing our opinions on why we lost the WH then revisit the election fraud thread.


Don’t know. I never joined the libs in stalking any and everything Trump. :man_shrugging:

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I don’t think that election fraud is all Republican’s thought about why Trump lost.

The media successfully tied Trump to the virus. Not so hard to do. If the Nile waters don’t rise this year, it must be a bad pharaoh.
That Republicans did as well as they did with the advent of the virus and its blow to the economy is an achievement.
With the perfect storm in their favor, have Democrats done introspection on why they lost seats in the House?
And yes, a more Presidential demeanor wouldn’t have hurt, either…IMO.


Easy thing to do seeing how he was literally the President of the United States.

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Paid Programming. Emphasis on the programming.

Couple good lessons.

When a viral outbreak emerges…shut down hard on borders…Domestic production of needed supplies with a far more generous stockpile.

Reign in the mono philosophy of electronic communication outlets.

Discourage former President Trump from muddying the waters with a 2024 run while embracing the core of his MAGA policies and Trump doctrine for international trade and relations.

I am good.


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Actually they did.

No introspection required, the answer is incredibly easy. Trumps big mouth. And Covid.


Dominion voting machines. Dems having the “right people” count the vote.

Everyone knows it…


That article doesn’t look anything more than the run of the mill back and forth. Got anything else?

Easier to blame Liberals, SCOTUS, and Antifa…then to look inward.

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why did Trump let Hillary live in his head and in the collective heads of his base for almost the entirety of 4 years. People want to hear that they are right. They want to hear Trump lost…they want him to admit that he lost.

Me…He lost, he’s gone…I have moved on. I wish everyone else would too.