Are liberals the only ones with free speech?

According to the recent poll 62 percent of Americans are afraid to share their political opinions; extreme liberals are the only ones who feel safe:

At the same time Facebook is placing “hoax alerts” on reports that their “impartial” fact checkers are dominated by CNN alumni and Democratic donors:

And teacher in Michigan claims that he was fired for tweeting support for President Trump:

Are strong liberals the only ones with free speech?

Do the “impartial” factcheckers in social media have political views to the left of those delegates to the Democratic National Convention?

Will free speech improve or will it get worse if Biden is president?

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.
it means the government can’t punish you.


Yes. The Soviet constitution guaranteed free speech, but the consequence started with loss of employment since the state was the only employer.

Should the state be able to fire employees for expressing political beliefs?

Can the government end benefit for exercising first amendment rights?

Can states use threat of loss of pensions or benefits to enforce COVID bans on religious services and public assemblies:

From your first link:

Majorities of Democrats (52%), independents (59%) and Republicans (77%) all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share.­­

In fact, there have been shifts across the board, where more people among all political groups feel they are walking on eggshells.

The survey finds that “cancel culture” goes both ways. Nearly a quarter (22%) of Americans support firing a business executive who personally donates to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign. This share rises to 36% among strong conservatives who support firing Biden donors.

All of these quotes suggest that since Trump has been in office, fewer people are willing to share their political views for fear of reprisal. Leaving aside 1A rights (the government isn’t stopping anyone from expressing their views) I don’t know whether it’s correlation or causation but it certainly seems like the political climate has gotten more hostile since 2016.

Time will tell whether that changes if Biden becomes president. If his presidency were to somehow signal a social reaction to the coarseness of the current administration, perhaps it would be less about free speech and more about a general desire to see a return of civility in public discourse.


Civility as determined by whom?

I think a Biden victory will make things far worse.

I expect that Facebook style censorship will become universal if Democrats are able to appoint more justices to “reinterpret” the constitution. Free speech will mean that you can say anything you want unless a leftist censor finds it offensive. That is already what is happening in Europe and Canada.

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Silly I live in Canada and we have lots of super duper offensive racist bigoted speech.

As deterimined by the civis, the hearers of the ?incivil? remarks.

How does the “hearer” judge intent?

The civis? We going to vote on it?

Free speech and protecting the first amendment should cross political platforms without the slightest hesitation. It might be all fun and games now as most tech companies are left wing but that could change and they could start deplatform your side next.

It’s best just to let people talk out their grievances and debate, not silence people. This used to just be common knowledge and accepted among both parties or as Dennis Kucinich said (Yes I kinda liked him on certain issues). An airplane needs both a left and right wing to fly, without both it will crash to the ground.

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That’s a great sign! Only conservatives are punished for who they support or what they believe. The hidden majority. I hope they come out in November.

Sounds like you didn’t read past the headline.


How does “62% of Americans” become “Only conservatives are punished”?

It doesn’t. Not in grown-up conversation.


OMG!!! :astonished:

Now what? :joy:

Rabbit hole.

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How so, somebody has to be the Rabbit King.

Everyone knows Canadians are the rudest SOBs on the planet. Make the French look positively gregarious. :wink:

I highlighted the graph from the CATO link in the OP.

“Strong liberals” are the only group that feels safe in stating their opinions.

The hate speech laws are selectively enforced in Canada:

Quoting a bible or other religious book saying homosexual behavior is sinful is a hate crime since gays are a protected group.

Quoting books to say that eating meat is sinful is not a hate crime since meat-eaters are not a protected group.

I expect similar laws in the US if Democrats take control of the government and follow through the threats to stack the court with left-wing judges.

First Hate speech law are civil complaint not criminal complaints.
he was charged specifically for targeting four high school student with flyers.
also the flyers were not “Simply quoting the bible”
they want far beyond that.

as defined by the Court.

Rothstein J began by considering the definition of “hatred” as contemplated in R v Taylor , where the Supreme Court had found that “hatred” as used in the Canadian Human Rights Act “refers to unusually strong and deep-felt emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification”.[8] Rothstein J identified two primary difficulties arising alongside the Taylor hatred doctrine; namely, that hatred is inherently subjective, which could conflict with the court’s attempt at objectivity, and that it could lead to a “mistaken propensity to focus on the ideas being expressed, rather than on the effect of the expression”.[9] In response to these criticisms, Rothstein J adapted the Taylor standard by holding that it should be conducted objectively, that “hatred” should be interpreted as “extreme manifestations of the emotion described by the words ‘detestation’ and ‘vilification’”,[10] a threshold which would not include merely repugnant or offensive expression, and that tribunals should consider the effect of the expression, not its inherent offensiveness.

in closing saying “Homosexuality is a sin” isn’t libel in Canada.

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