Are Democrats panicking in Minnesota?

RCP now has Biden with a 4.7 point lead in Minnesota. Link
538 now has Biden with a 93% chance of winning Minnesota. Link
Biden is very likely going to win Minnesota.



Keith Ellison. A player in The Movement.

‘The Democratic party left us’: how rural Minnesota is making the switch to Trump

Even the hacks at Trafalgar Group can’t fudge a poll enough to show Trump ahead.

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The First Amendment permits exercise of police powers to impose restrictions on the time, place and manner of assemblies. Limiting the number who can assemble is clearly a permissible restriction on the “manner” of assembly.


Da comrade. Those po-leese powers worked out well when the assembled mobs were burning, looting and assaulting innocent civilians and police personnel up there in Minneapolis and elsewhere.
Ellison is a partisan fascista , making excuses is silly.

I think next week is going to be really fun.


Not on Private Property.

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I’d be more concerned about the MN GOP.

A federal campaign report filed last month by the Minnesota Republican Party showed just $53 on hand with more than $335,000 in unpaid bills at the end of May. The party was also low on available cash in its state account and carrying debt in its year-end report for 2022, including a still-outstanding rent payment for last year’s state party convention.

This thread did not age well.

It’s the first time in eight years that Democrats have held the trifecta of controlling both chambers of the Legislature as well as the governor’s office.

Why? They aren’t going to win anything.

Yep, Minnesota is a lost cause.

For Republicans, maybe.

Exactly. And Sanity.

Yes, only Republicans are sane. :smile: Kind of a weird stance to take for someone who claims not to be a Republican. :wink:

Kinda missed the point. Intentional?