Are Democrats panicking in Minnesota?

Democrats in Minnesota appear to be in full panic about Trump winning the blue state, which Trump narrowly lost in 2016.

In an extreme move, the Minnesota Attorney General has limited Trump rallies to 250 people based on COVID concerns. This move comes after months of violent BLM mobs gathering in Minneapolis without similar restrictions. The first amendment rights appear to be “for me not for thee” according Democrats.

A leaked from a leftist group allied with Biden describes plans for unrest involving the election:

“We believe that regardless of the strength of the Minnesota election system, mass mobilization will and must happen in Minnesota to defend democracy,” the leaked document reads.

“We expect that this mobilization will create space and opportunity for unrest, primarily in Minneapolis. In this context, the situation could rapidly spiral beyond control depending on the nature of the unrest and the State’s reaction.”

In a rare appearance, Biden is planning to leaving his basement and to make a last-minute stop in Minnesota today. Given Biden’s reluctance to travel and the risk of inconvenient questions about the Biden crime family, that shows full panic in my opinion.

A rare occurrence that happens several times a week? He was just in Florida. Maybe he’s learned from Clinton and wants to make sure he visits all the states.

all? thats funny/

Trump has three rallies to thunderous crowds in the same day.

Low-energy Joe has three visits in a week with reporters outnumbering supporters.

Ellison, when asked about his restrictions on the Trump event and possibly cancelling altogether denied “having that authority”. Perhaps he backtracked when the campaign reminded him the 1st Amendment still guarantees the people’s rights to peaceful assembly?

Y’all still comparing crowd sizes during a pandemic? Good lord.


I’ll have to agree. At this point the “crowd comparison” between a Trump rally and a Biden gathering really isn’t worth considering. But the MN AG attempts to restrict the number of people who want to attend a Trump rally is after all a 1st Amendment faux pas. I believe you and I might even agree?

Not really. Public health issue. Cases and deaths are on the rise in Minnesota. If the ban on gatherings applies to all groups, I’m ok with it.


But it hasn’t so far, so why do you expect it to now?

So they are treating groups differently?

I’ll bet Joe is traveling to Minnesota to personally tell the rioters and looters to stop…and when he does, it’ll be on the front page of every media outlet…NOT! :sunglasses:

Most definitely. Washington DC even lost in the courts over trying to limit worship services, yet even the mayor participated in protests with numbers exponentially higher.

Do you deny that they are / were treating groups differently?

I am asking for information. No need to attack with that pointed question.

How (or should I ask why) is a question an “attack” ? It was simply a question. Again, Do you deny that the groups were treated differently?


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Court says different.

I don’t deny or affirm. I am asking for imformation

Not a ban, a restriction. Yes “the numbers” are up. So are highway deaths related to excessive speed and driving impaired, both agains the law. But there are still some who choose to disregard both and pay the price. People “choose” to gamble with their health and expose themselves to the ‘Rona. Some get sick, some don’t and some are asymtomatic walking among us. I’m still of the opinion that the virus is going to be around like the H1N1 and immunization will be constant. Those with compromised immune systems, underlying medical conditions and unfortunately the elderly who have been exposed, perhaps died did so because no immunity existed for a new highly contagious virus concocted in a ChiCom lab. I also believe there are more people than the reported 9 or so million who have tested positive for the virus but their immune systems have fought off the devastating effects and left them just feeling like ■■■■ for a few days. They’ve built up an immunity, it’s a start. My oldest daughter is 48, lives in S FL, spends lots of time outdoors beach etc, great health, lost her sense of taste, sick in bed for 3 days, tested positive but never hospitalized. They drew blood for antibody therapy, she’s back to feeling normal; there’s a lot of of people like that.
Blaming Trump rallies for the spike in infections is silly. European countries in lockdown are spiking, when did Trump go there?
But we’ll at least agree to perhaps disagree? :sunglasses:

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Marking that down as “plausible deniability”.

Yes…yes…let that sweet, sweet corona flow…