Are democrats getting desperate?

I think republicans will pick up seats in some of the battle ground states after looking at polls I unfortunately don’t think it will be a wave election like the past hope I am wrong.

I’m with you SWP. Come midterms, delta will have run it’s course, the infrastructure bills will be passed and no less than 7 states will be trying to implement laws like Texas. Republicans are in for a rude awakening if that comes to fruition. The turnout will be massive.

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A friend of mine sends his kids to school with mask’s made like a hair net. He refuses to shop with any mask.

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You can dream if you like…

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Ask Trump how that worked out for him. :rofl:

Midterms for a first term president has rarely been kind regardless of party. No one knows this far out but historically the ruling party tends to lose some seats.

I know what the norm is. I’m starting to think Republicans are giving too many points to be used against them this cycle. Time will tell…

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Studiously ignore current polling which show Democrats are going to get creamed.

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They say that in America, there are four boxes of liberty. The soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the ammo box.

Talk about the Republicans getting desperate.

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BTW…Who cut off the presidents microphone?

Imagine if anyone under Trump tried that…they would be toast.


Trump would probably still be president.

That is a pretty good response.

If only…