Are democrat now NEOCONS...? Sure seems that way

I find it odd we have a president who talks about ending the never ending wars and that the dems are opposing him. So, now the dems are in favor of the US being the policemen of the world, which is what defines a NEOCON. So, the dems and media are now NEOCONS, I guess…

So, why did they oppose Trump’s defense spending, if they want never ending wars? You need lots of military spending for that.

I think Trump asked a great question. Since ww2 ended about 70 years ago, why do we have so many troops in Europe. The kind of question the left once asked…

Here’s an article by far left “Nation” asking the same question. Basically is Nancy and the dem establishment Neocon?

"But the CAP/AEI alliance is just the latest example of liberal Democrats’ teaming up with neocon hard-liners. "

" In addition to the goings-on in think-tank land, a second manifestation of the alliance between neocons and mainstream liberal Democrats can be found in the elite media. Hard-line neocons Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss have been given real estate on the op-ed page of The New York Times ; neocon publicist Max Boot was given a column at The Washington Post ; Bill Kristol, David Frum, and Jennifer Rubin are frequently featured as guests on the liberal cable-news outlet MSNBC."

That one is kind of easy considering we were fighting the cold war long after world war 2 and NATO is a big part of our military policy. Its slot easier to react fo different parts of the globe when you have bases much closer. Next

Dude, their last candidate (Hillary) was a ■■■■■■■ super-hawk. Obama started putting boots on the ground in Syria and bombed the ■■■■ out of Libya, as well as everywhere else with his drone program.

The Obama admin had special forces deployed throughout the entire planet.

Are you just now noticing?


The ones you are thinking of are the Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals.

They are both okay with global policing, trade policies/tax schemes that favor corporations, and are big into austerity unless that spending is for security.

The last election was between a Democrat from New York and a Republican from Arkansas.

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The cold war ends when the USSR fell 30 years ago or so… Let Europe defend themselves, they are not poor.

But, I guess the poster is saying yes. The dems are now the NEOCONS…

So, your answer is yes too. The dems are neocons and Trump is not.

(And all you need to know about leftist logic and ability to reason is Obama getting the noble peace prize.)

are you a NEOCON too?

Putin agrees with you.

Putin should thank you for your service.

It’s funny how all over the place you are. Very Trumplike. There’s no coherent policy belief or strategy. I’ve watched you just complain non stop about Obama “giving” Crimea to Russia. But you also think Europe should defend themselves and we shouldn’t be over there since 1991. There’s no consistency.


Trumps administration is full of Neo-Cons though. Just like the Bush Admin was too.

? The Trump admin started with Obama’s 350 special forces in Syria and blew it up to over 4,000 at one point. Even now it’s over 2,000.

The drone programs and special forces deployments haven’t gone away either.

And they bombed Assads airfields lest we forget, something even Obama didn’t do.

I don’t consider myself a neocon, but I suspect you mean am I a hawk.

So, you admit you are a NEOCON now too…

So, why weren’t you in favor of war with Russia when they took Crimea? You are in favor of war if they take a NATO country right?

Isn’t the west determining the outcomes in Syria also neo-colonialism? Why are we inflicting our values on them? Is western civilization superior or something?

No, the NEOCONs hate Trump… Like Bill Krystal. Never ending wars and globalism is what dems stand for now…

Our values? You aren’t currently pursuing regime change in Syria, just trying to stop a humanitarian crisis and engaging in counter-terrorism operations.

And yes western civilisation is superior, no question. Warts and all.

Putin agrees with you.

Putin agrees with you.

No, I couldn’t care less if Assad stays…