Are Brits on to something? Does Trump's behaviour go against the sensibilities of the sophisticated British?

I agree with everything in that article about Trump the person.

I don’t believe Obama had much credibility, and I didn’t see him as Subtle. But I think most of those characteristics are ones that GW Bush had.

I know. We’ve talked about it in the past. What about Trump the president?

The “giant lie” is when a former President secretly meets with the Attorney General of the United States, 3 days prior to her having to make a decision having a huge impact on his wife running to become the next President, she does NOT recuse herself but states she’ll accept the recommendation of the FBI director, which is NOT protocol and the director lists all of the laws broken by this same individual that the current President at the time labels, “the most qualified candidate in American history” but says she was too stupid to realize what she had done was wrong. She never intended to break the law.

These are the level of lies that I consider important to ALL OF US and understand me clearly…I don’t give a rat’s ass that Trump lies about crowd sizes to ease his ego…in respect to the lies of prior administrations.

This isn’t a sided Dem thingy either. The lie of weapons of mass destruction sent us into a war, where we lost thousands of our men and created ISIS…which is one of the largest contributors to the mass forced immigration throughout Europe. Where did this lie come from? A Dick…who made $ sending Halliburton in to make billions off of our losses. These are the lies that concern me. Wake up people. Get out of kindergarten of life and stop being manipulated by the forces at work attempting to turn us all into sheople.

If he lies about small and inconsequential things it makes no sense to conclude he’s truthful about the big things.

All still true. With the exception that in my opinion he has tried to keep more of his campaign promises than anyone I can remember.

Many here call me a Trump supporter, which makes me laugh. It is difficult to comprehend the loathing I have for him or really anyone else from NYC. It comes from my bone marrow.

There are some policies I agree with. There are some actions.

But mostly I just shake my head, laugh and wonder what’s next.

To be honest I was for Obama over McCain. At the time Senator Obama ran on what I thought were very important issues, outsourcing-insourcing he was very passionate about that which people tend to forget. He also came off as a bit of debt hawk criticizing Bush jr. on spending, but it seems once in office regardless of party these campaign issues and promises become less of a promise and more of an annoyance for them.


That is a logical fallacy.

Yes it is.

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You continue to misrepresent what Trump has lied about to make it look less significant.

Yeah…I know.

Sociopath is word, I believe.

Pretty representative of the way Dems react to Trump can be shown by an article stating how tasteless Trump is…includes as a reaction a woman holding a sign saying “Trump is a ■■■■■■ Is that person really offended by Trump’s lack of class? Is the person who included that in the article offended?

I have said from the beginning I wouldn’t want to be at a party with Trump. I thought his constant tweets would harm him…I was wrong.
But no, its not his personality I care about but his agenda…and his consistency in trying to see it through even though the media would doubtless let up on his other characteristics if he would drop it.


i love that Trump is the man that many Southern Christians and Republican MEN picked.

that’s just too sweet.

The article could have been written by a Trump hater here in the U.S. A Trump hater is a Trump hater, whether they live in Britain, the U.S., Canada, Australia or wherever.

So basically your OP is providing evidence that there are people in Britain who hate Trump! Surprise! Surprise!

Good hearing from you! Thanks for your vital input. It’s appreciated.

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I recognize sarcasm when I see it! :+1:

I agree.

Even worse, Trump’s mother was a domestic servant from Scotland.

Too bad there wasn’t a wall back then. :wink: