April was best month in history for U.S. budget


And the month of April runs a surplus every one of those years. I bet you can guess why. :slight_smile:


And the biggest one this year.


And people were paying their taxes on the previous tax structure. Next year they will be paying their bills on the current tax plan. What do you predicted for next April’s surplus. I predict it won’t be the biggest ever.

Not that an April surplus matters in the end. :slight_smile:


That tends to happen as the economy continues to chug along. I paid the most federal taxes I have ever paid. Like every year before that. Because I get a raise and even larger bonus each year.

Again, the point is that this isn’t that big of a deal. We’re going to be running massive deficits for the year. In a time that the economy is strong. That’s ridiculous.


US budget surplus/deficit by month in fiscal 2018
october -63B
november -138B
december -23B
january +49B
february -215b
march -208B
april +214B

total so far for fiscal 2018 is -385B

by comparison in fiscal 2017 thru april we were at -344B

we usally run a budget surplus in january,april june and september as those are the 4 months that tax payments are due of you file estimated taxes


So what you’re saying is that even with Biggest Monthly Surplus ever we’re still $40 billion more in the hole than we were at this time last year?


hilarious… and yet very sad… watching libs twist and turn something that is obviously good for America into an invitation to hate Trump.


heres the link for the actual numbers


how is a deficit 40B more than last year good for america?


really really telling


pretty sure the thread is about April.


How is it that with April’s surplus we are still $40 billion more in the hole for this year than we were at this time last year?


so you are refuting the OP ?


I’ve said repeatedly, it just doesn’t matter. A baseball game is not won in one inning. Are you refuting that even taking into account Biggest Surplus Ever, we are still $40 B more in the hole than we were at this time last year? The boulder is still rolling down the hill.


so you acknowledge the truth of the OP?


Revenues are up $83 billion this fiscal year, including record revenues for April. Congratulations!!!
Spending is up $121 billion this fiscal year, including spending for April. Congratulations!!!
Increased deficit spending of $38 billion this fiscal year, including April. Congratulations!!!
Fiscal year budget deficit on track for $833 billion, the highest since 2012, and almost doubled since 2015. Congratulations!!!



what unhappy, angry people!


Like I said, and you quoted, basic economics. If your income increases, but your spending increases by a magnitude more, you still come out behind. Revenues mean nothing when not taken in context with spending. If you want your glass to be half full by ignoring spending and the budget deficit, more power to you. I’ll take a complete approach and I will be pessimistic about our current economic state.


anything to try to dampen consumer confidence.

Go ahead… we still buyin’, and so are our good trading partners.


I wonder how May turned out?