April was best month in history for U.S. budget


Estimated Deficit in May 2018: $144 Billion
The federal government realized a deficit of $144 billion in May 2018, CBO estimates—$56 billion larger
than the deficit in May 2017.

I’m sure those who celebrated April’s stupendous amazingly great month surely should be flat out pissed off by May’s shortfall…more dollars added to the debt.



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Not very good.

Revenues fell from 510 billion in April to only 217 billion in May 2018. But spending went up from April. April spending was $296 billion, May spending boomed to almost $364 billion. Monthly deficit of $146 billion.

But how about compared to May 2017?

May 2017 had receipts of $240 billion. May 2018 revenues fell to $217 billion. Spending? May 2017 was $328 billion. May 2018 spending was up to $364 billion. Monthly deficit in May 2017 was $88 billion. May 2018 saw the monthly deficit rise to $148 billion.

Declining revenues, rising spending, rising monthly deficits, compared to this time last year. Is this the direction trumpers economy is supposed to go?



trump is an expert in driving companies to bankruptcy. who would expect any less when it comes to the government


Two words … record spending.


Two words…Republican Congress.


One word … entitlements.


Why are you so afraid that you need to deflect what your party has done? You should be embracing what you’ve voted for.

“The $1.3 trillion funding level was agreed to by President Donald Trump and congressional leaders last month as part of a two-year budget deal. The emerging bill decides how to spend that money across agencies.

Here are some details, according to sources familiar with the bill, as well as reports:

• $1.57 billion for border security, including fencing. One report said Trump is angry about that funding level and is having second thoughts about supporting the deal.

• $2.8 billion increase for opioid addiction treatment, prevention and research.

• $10 billion in new infrastructure funding including $600 million for new high-speed broadband development.

• $307 million more than Trump asked for to combat potential Russian cyberattacks during the U.S. midterm elections. Another $380 million for states to secure their election systems.

• A $1.34 billion increase for the Census to help prepare for the 2020 survey.

• Makes a rail tunnel under the Hudson River that’s a priority of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, eligible for funding. Leaders have agreed to include $540 million in the bill that could be used to fund a portion of the Gateway project, Politico said.

• The Fix NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) bill, a narrow measure designed to improve background checks for gun purchases, is also included.

• So-called sanctuary cities criticized by Trump won’t be defunded. The bill also doesn’t address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.”

Plus, the $165 billion in new defense spending.

Signed into law by President Donald J Trump - Republican.

And all at the same time they’ve massively reduced revenue by cutting taxes.


I guess Republicans need to campaign on cutting Social Security and Medicare to the deficit under control after giving massive tax cuts to rich people then. Get the American people to give them a proper majority so they can fix the mess.


What are they spending it on?


You can see that exactly in the report I linked to.



What the hell?




And lib. Again.


Lib spending.


Who controls the House and Senate.

Who signed budget bill into law?


Trump PORKULUS bill.


May 2018 spending up $40billion from May 2017. What spending did libs authorize?


Gutless republicans. Whose programs are these?


Republicans in congress have battered wife syndrome.