April was best month in history for U.S. budget


Durn that reads good. Well.


They are two seperate things.

I would LOVE for enough budget hawks to get elected in November, and to have The Don as president and then get a slash n burn on the budget now that we’ve reduced taxes.

Will never happen. But the dem way of doing things (aka increasing taxes) isn’t the way to do things either.


I’m of the mindset that we’re past the point you can do one or the other. It’s the worst of both worlds.

Be responsible. Raise taxes and cut spending. Get the financial situation under control. Then decide if you want to cut taxes or continue spending. It won’t be fun, but it’ll only get harder the longer we wait.


That’s why I have my proposal for a flat, single rate tax. Eliminate deductions (except for one personal), no tax credits, and one tax payer per tax form.


You’re dreaming. That’s never going to happen.


Umm because every democrat has spent the last few months screaming the tax cuts would drastically reduce revenue and mocking anyone who claimed it would increase them.

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Reduce revenues compared to previous tax law. No one asserted revenues wouldn’t rise at all. That’s what happens in a growing economy. However, they would have risen more under previous tax law. Because math. Tax cuts have never paid for themselves. And thus, the deficit will continue to rise.

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This thread is PROOF, it doesn’t matter if anything positive happens, if Trump had anything to do with it, it’s negative.


Nonwithheld payments of income and payroll taxes rose by $71 billion (or 17 percent). Most of that increase occurred in April, when taxpayers made their final payments of taxes for 2017.

I look forward to the May report.


No, this is proof of the ignorance around federal revenues and expenditures. There’s no reason to be happy if your NBA team outscore the other by 40 points in the 2nd quarter while being out scored by 30 points in every other quarter.


Because they are arguing that tax cuts increase government revenue. That’s what this is about


That’s right. There’s nothing positive to a lib regarding a surplus if it wasn’t a Dem in the WH. Thanks for proving my point.


The surpluses during the Obama presidency were meaningless as well. This is a monthly surplus. It’s irrelevant when we are going to run one of our biggest yearly deficits ever while the economy is strong.


Did you predict this? Did any lib predict this? NOPE! It was all negative Nancy news. Now something positive happens and very close to the tax cuts which did predict this. You may not be quite as sharp as you think you are but…carry on.


Dude, surpluses pretty much happen every April. And it doesn’t really have much to do with the tax cuts - most of these receipts are final payments for 2017.

And again, why does outscoring your opponent in the 2nd quarter matter when you lose the game by 50?


except I posted a link that shows the increase was more than just the expected April payments.


“largest in history” means that something unusual happened


There is always a surplus in April. What do you predict for May? I know what I predict.


April has happened every year since 2001.