Applying Critical Race Theory

You don’t say…

One school district cleared, thousands to go.

There was nothing to clear.

That’s what “cleared” means.

Okay… there is nothing to clear.

It’s a moral panic.

It’s made up.

Yes … In this one instance. Thousands to go …

War. There’s only one. But right on.

Great source.

The Stupid … it burns…

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Well there goes a few centuries of British Commonwealth tradition.

She was an idiot to run on an anti left program based on a curriculum that she might have read about relative to some school district in California but doubtless had nothing to do with Granbury. Being an idiot, when she found this out what an idiot she was, instead of just admitting it, she figured out that she was the tool of some vast right wing conspiracy.
The only lesson we can learn from this example is that she needs to drop out of politics and take up the study of UFOs or Bigfoot.