Apparently Sen Manchin is demanding all the programs in BBB bill be scored over 10 years

Apparently Sen Manchin is demanding that the Build Back Better bill programs all be scored for 10 years. Remember he stated that budget gimmicks were being used to make the bill seem less expensive. Apparently Dems are getting frustrated.

Clyburn: I’m frustrated with Joe Manchin


I wouldn’t put a lot of hope into Manchin.

He has a long record of caving and lining up with D unity.

My thought is he gets another half trillion off the sticker price and it goes through and gives Biden some propaganda for 2024. Then the true cost comes in.

Have to see just how far AOC and friend are willing to bend. The Gentlewoman from Arizona seems quiet on it right now.

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Well it seems Joe Manshin just iced libs attempt to transfer wealth to libs oligarchs.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., declared Sunday that after months of negotiations he has determined that there is no way he can support the massive social spending bill known as the Build Back Better Act.

Speaking with “Fox News Sunday,” Manchin said that he has spoken with President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.,

“I’ve done everything humanly possible,” Manchin said, talking about how hard he has worked to try to reach an acceptable compromise on the bill.

In the end, however, he said that between ongoing inflation, the national debt, “geopolitical unrest,” and the COVID-19 pandemic, the bill being pushed by his fellow Democrats was too much.

So now what libs?


Good thing the Governor of West Virginia is a Republican.

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It’s probably the best thing to happen to them they just won’t get it yet. Build back even more inflation would have raised inflation more than it is now.

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Well, looks like it’s over, and BBB is dead

I am so thankful. Glad there Governor is a Republican

Good for Manchin. More importantly good for America.

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Looks like the progressives were right to not trust him


My money in the bank thanks Manchin.
Thanks for putting country over party.

Now…watch your back.


When progressives lose America wins. Unless Manchin backtracks this is a win for America.


I suppose.

I wonder what about his philosophy compels him to be a Demacrat

He’s saving progressives sorry asses

Well, he can be the most important Democrat, or he can be just another Republican. Either way, he’s awful.

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At least he raised a kind daughter of high integrity.

The silver lining: I wanted the voting rights legislation to be prioritized.

Yeah—wow—that’s a story.

Also: the liquor store down the street has a big Three Floyd’s display, which makes me think of you for some reason.

It’s also a state that went 70% for Trump. I have to assume his phone is ringing constantly!

You know, Sinema strikes this way as well, only more so