Apparently Sen Manchin is demanding all the programs in BBB bill be scored over 10 years

The children of all these career politicians all seem to end up in high paying type careers, don’ they?

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Hopefully Manchin will also help prevent Democrats from taking national control of voting from the states. And passing the Democrat voting bill will require 60 senators.


No such thing as a blue dog democrat any more. Guess you need ideological purity to the progressive cause to call yourself a democrat.


All one has to do to understand why more moderate dems aren’t following his lead is to watch the vitriol that his own party is heaping upon him.

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Yeah. I just read a hit piece about her in “Jacobin Magazine”. Looks like the ultra left is not happy with Manchin.

They stated that you can tell a lot about a politician by the ethics of their near family. Then, perhaps with Hunter in mind, they say that isn’t always the case.

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For fee fees? There is no voting rights issue in this country.

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How many children live below the poverty line in West Virginia again?

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But aside from calling himself a Dem, what else does he share with the Democratic party? And he comes from a solidly R state. I think @margaretms2 is correct, he wants to be an important Dem, and that’s all there is to it.

Also, Conservative/Republicans commenting derisively on ideological purity is pure irony.

As you see it…

It’s an amazing system that allows one Senator from one of the least populous states, who was elected with 290,000 votes, to do this.

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Outside of Manchin and Sinema who else would you consider a moderate Democrat? TBH I personally would view that term as oxymoron.

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He’s a coal mogul with the ideology of his donors. He could be an R or a D.

51 Senators, also known as the majority, did this. Bless them.


I used the term but meant a Democrat that is not a diehard communist. I’m guessing but I suspect there are some

But the fact that he is a defiant D in deep R country speaks to his…what? Vanity?

I don’t think they’re “moderate” Democrats. Rather, they create procedural obstacles and drama; it’s not like Sinema or Manchin are splitting the difference or proposing reasonable alternatives. Likewise, I don’t think Liz Cheney is a “moderate” because of her current choices in the GOP.

It speaks to the shifting political landscape of these formerly blue collar type states that used to be solidly Democrat. Also keep in mind that Manchin’s victory in 2018 was with under 50% of the vote. Had he been up for election in 2020 it’s almost certain he would have lost. Personally I would be surprised if he runs again in 2024.

Bernie is having a socialist fit over this. If he doesn’t get it under control they may have to take him to one of those elitist hospitals he gets to use.

A reasonable alternative was reached when the difference was split and Biden’s infrastructure bill was passed a few months ago. You don’t always get to,split the difference and then to split the difference again.

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