AP: UK Ambassador claims Trump pulled out of Iran Deal in order to spite Obama

Leaked UK memo says Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama

This is what the AP and Yahoo are reporting. Trump abandoned the Iran deal, not because it was a bad deal, but because he wanted to spite the former President.

In the May 2018 cable published by the Mail on Sunday, U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch called Trump’s decision to abandon the international accord “an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons” because the pact "was Obama’s deal."

Darroch wrote the memo after then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Washington in a failed attempt to persuade the United States not to abandon the 2015 nuclear agreement.

He alleged the White House had no strategy for what would come after its withdrawal and "no sort of plan for reaching out to partners and allies."

Do you guys believe this was true? I mean, Trump doesn’t really have a plan with Iran, and we saw increased problems that country, shortly after the pull out.

This just confirms what people already knew.

He pulled out because it was a bad deal.

We knew this…the man is not a good deal maker

Why was it a bad deal? Or was it a bad deal because it was agreed when Obama was President.

If obama wanted a lasting deal with iran he could have gone through congress.

He had a pen and a phone and just loved doing things his way.

Boo hoo.

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Well, there is a solid reason for making a foreign policy decision on a major issue.

Yes, I could believe that this president pulled out of international agreements to spite people.

It is not beyond the pale of his character.

Is this kind of like how when Obama pulled us out of the Iraq war just to spite George W. Bush?

What goes around comes around libs.


Congress would have never approved any Obama deal no matter how good it was for the US because Obama.

Maybe Obama should have worked harder to get along with both sides of congress instead of telling the GOP to shut up and get in the back of the bus.
Maybe he should have spent more time creating bridges instead of tell the GOP if you won’t do what I want I’ll go around you. I have a pen and a phone.
Maybe you should open your eyes and realize that Obama really was a divider. Who didn’t like it when he didn’t get his own way.

Going through Congress would have not stopped Trump from ripping up the deal.

Sure it would. If this had become a Treaty it would, under the Constitution, have become as enforceable as a law. You can’t go around a law with just a pen and a phone…

Oh, wait.

Presidents (including Trump) have withdrawn from treaties before.

“Nobody ever mentions Article II,” Trump continued. “It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before.”

Stop it.

Early on he did.

They ■■■■ all over him.

Even when he loaded the stimulus with tax cuts they wanted, they voted against him.

They never tried to work with him.


lets flash back to

Nobody likes facts…just warped realities

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Everyone seem to forget on the night of his inauguration, GOP leaders met at the Caucus Room restaurant(I use to walk by there everyday from the Metro to the Hoover building) and pretty much took a blood oath to make him a one term president and be against everything even if it benefited the country. For those in the know here in the DC area, that ■■■■ happened. So I yeah, and I by know means was a hardcore Obama supporter because I disagreed with many things, BUT you’re right they NEVER wanted to work with him. Hell even democrats started taking him to task every time he tried to reached across the aisle. They knew that current GOP wasn’t going to do nothing with or for him.

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Agreed. The man knows how to goose his base.


Duh, of course it is.