AOC has an idea. I have a better one

So what she wants to do is to sponsor a bill to retro fit public housing for green energy. My question is why do the poor always have to be the guinea pigs? Why not show some real leadership for a change? Step up to the plate and offer a bill to convert the Whitehouse and Capitol building first. And you might as well include your office building too. Put your money where your mouth is. Why do you always have to put someone else’s money where your mouth is?

Good idea?


HOW dare AOC suggest America improve the quality of housing!


Hard to comment one way or the other without seeing what’s actually being proposed.


Lead Paint, Mold, etc.
removing that stuff wouldn’t be a benefit to Americans?

Green energy.

so better insulation in the walls to reduce energy consumption?
fixing outdated heating system?
fixing outdated water system?

you know basic mandatory stuff for building in 2021 that didn’t exist 40 years ago.

She want to retrofit Public Housing built in the 1980’s to make it up to modern standards.
She would win more people if she dropped the “Green New Deal” Branding though and simply made this a simple infrastructure project.

How do you know they will improve anything?

All we want to know from her is " Does she believe there’s only 8 years left now?


how would removing lead paint and mould make it worse?

But my idea is actually better. Am I right?

:+1: :rofl:

Do you have a link to the proposed bill?

Generally, yes. Reduce carbon, employ a TON of people.

Specifically, the devil is in the details

Also, it seems to me your idea still requires other people’s money

Seeing as how those who live in public housing are likely to receive public assistance for energy and heating costs, making the buildings that they live in more energy efficient seems to be a slam dunk win/win.

I am rather baffled as to why you think the White House and Capitol should be renovated before public housing is.

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This. In spades. While the initial cost might be a bit, just like in any home, if you find ways to reduce the amount and thus the cost of energy consumption, you save in the long run. This should be a no brainer as it will save tax payers in the long run as well as provide incentives for companies to develop green tech because of the increase in demand.


AOC, Sanders Are Reintroducing Their Green New Deal for Public Housing Bill (