AOC has an idea. I have a better one

Do you like my idea of doing the capitol building, Whitehouse and congressional offices first?

I already explained it. Read it again. I am rather baffled by your bafflement.

You didn’t explain anything.

Are you under the impression that greening a building will have a negative impact on it’s residents?

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I did explain. You just didn’t understand. By doing their buildings first, it shows real leadership. It proves that they are willing to accept for themselves what they demand for everyone else. In fact, I would convert the entire city of D.C. to renewables. Just to prove it can be done on a large scale. So if it fails, AOC looses her AC. And Bernie feels the burn.

I don’t think you understand what she’s proposing.


The article doesn’t appear to mention anything about upgrading public housing other than use of green energy.

Sustainable design is good, but older housing has more needs than that. A more comprehensive approach to upgrading older housing would deserve more support.


What makes you think her proposal is an “experiment”?

The White House was provided with solar collectors in the 70s so it would serve as an example project by a Democrat. They were removed by a Republican.

Be cheaper to tear them down and print new ones.


Dollars to donuts your kind will be calling it elite self-preference the instant the first nail is hammered.

I thought we pretty much did away with public housing? Surely we aren’t talking about having the government pay to improve private property? Looked it up, 970k or so still in public housing. But even Obama was trying to convert them to private section eight housing with RAD.

What about doing this do you believe is some earth-shattering new thing that it needs to be done as a proof of concept first before it’s deemed safe and/or beneficial for the general population?

We have to get rid of mold at AOC’s house to prove that it’s a good thing to do more broadly?

Why do you believe public housing has been done away with?

Because it largely has been? Mostly section eight housing these days. Five million households vs under a million in public housing.

“Public housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single-family houses to high rise apartments for elderly families. There are approximately 1.2 million households living in public housing units, managed by some 3300 PHAs.”

128 million households, total.

About 1%.

Government is a lousy landlord.


But it still exists.

Bernie and AOC want to expand it too, I see.

I’d have to read more before I’d comment on what I think of that.

I was under the impression we had decided that mixed income housing using vouchers was a better system than building public housing that concentrates poverty and the host of problems that go along with it.

Print? I suppose it will come to that eventually. :rofl:

You’re right, it can often be more cost effective to demo and build new.