Anyone watch the "Leaving Neverland" documentary?


Ya I tried to put a warning in, will again. They go into deep detail about sexual abuse, more detail than most anyone wants to hear about.


They suspect it could run into thousands. The man was one of the most vile human beings ever to walk this earth. He was given access to a childrens mortuary at a hospital he volunteered for. Think about that for a second and you will want to take a shower.


Ya I read his story awhile back, the more I read the more revolting it got. I hate to judge anyone by their looks, it’s not good form. That being said that guy looked the part.


4 hours, geez. I don’t think I can sit through a feature-length movie about child rapists, much less 4 hours of it.

He made a few gold songs in the 80’s that are still awesome today, but I hope the dead pedophile stays dead soon.


I watched it, it is brutal on details. The first 25 minutes it just seems like a regular type of crime documentary and then just goes BAMM!! Into details that you wish you didn’t hear. I will not be watching it again.


Just like Democrat Politicians in Washington, I’m sure both them
and Michael Jackson can agree on one thing;

It’s all about the children. lol.


I have yet to quite decide if carpe is serious or just a liberal trolling as a fake conservative trying to make them look insane.


His lawyers managed to sell reasonable doubt.