Anyone watch the "Leaving Neverland" documentary?

I sat through the 4 hour documentary, it was very graphic in detail which two of Michael Jacksons accuser go into more than detail than you would have ever want to hear about being sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

What is equally as interesting to watch is the twitter war going on. Michael Jackson fans are in a league of their own in defending him and even Oprah after giving and interview to the two men accused wasn’t safe from the twitter outrage that went towards her from Jackson fans.

What is interesting this time is that they are now up against and equally vocal group the “metoo” movement which at the moment the two sides are going head to head from the “Michael is Innocent” group vs the “Believe all Victims” group, its pretty brutal even for social media standards.

Anyone watch it other than me? thoughts? I always thought he was into young boys and probably was a pedophile.

I have been slowly watching it. I get an Abducted in Plain Sight vibe from the parents and that is enraging.

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I read a little bit about it on the internet, but didn’t watch the documentary. Wasn’t surprised at all, the dude always came off as “odd” (and that’s putting it nicely) in interviews. Also not surprised by his fans defending him. Once a person achieves “god-like” status their followers can never see any wrong in them.

Oh I watched that one to on Netflix, I got the same vibe. The patterns, the grooming, getting in good with the family etc…

Is this a surprise to anyone with a working brain?

The MichaelSiders remind me of a certain group of people who believe a certain someone over all evidence to the contrary.

Exactly! When I read “Michael Jackson fans are in a league of their own in defending him”, I busted out laughing in my office. I was like, pot, meet kettle.

I worked with a young guy back in the mid 90’s at a restaurant. He used to wear this nice watch to work all the time, so one day I asked him how in the hell he could afford such a nice watch.
He told me that Michael Jackson gave him that Rolex when he was younger and working as a child actor on a TV show.

No, Michael Jackson will never be anything but creepy and weird to any rational person (no matter his own childhood), and watching a documentary on him regarding allegedly abused children is not something I need to do. No finality will come from it, just more creepiness.

I still love his music.

And then there are people like this on Twitter:

Someone who was personally involved (and an advocate of calling people out) with abuse in Hollywood, defending him.

I can’t watch… Michael Jackson made Thriller…Thriller.

I’m not sure Corey is in the best frame of mind either, tbh.

No doubt, just saying no finality will ever come of this, and I don’t think anyone hasn’t already made their mind up about him.

We watched the entire doc.
One thing that struck me - (a point made in a lot of books by people who study serial offenders) is how similar the stories were in key details, and both were similar to the story told by the boy involved in the criminal case (his name was something like Arvizo) I remember seeing interviews with several of Cosby’s accusers and they didn’t know one another, wide range of ages, but they were all telling variations of the same story.
I wonder if the filmmaker had approached other boys and was turned down, or decided to concentrate on just these two.

Ha ya if you want to see a twitter war go to #leavingneverland. For like 20 days its being updated every 2-5 seconds with posts defending or accusing.

Also people that defend him are not taking to the fact just because one wasn’t abused doesn’t mean another wasn’t.

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From what I saw on an interview with the filmmaker had reached out at least to one other.
I was just looking at a psychology website, and was reading 14 signs of a pedophile. At least 13 of the 14 applied to Michael Jackson. The only one I am not sure about is him volunteering to work at a children’s school. The rest read like the case file against him in 93 and 2004.

I’m a huge Michael Jackson.

I was fully convinced years ago that he was a pedophile. I didn’t need a documentary to see that.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy his music.

Roger Waters is anti-American as hell. But I still consider him to be the greatest rock lyricist to ever walk the earth.

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Haven’t watched it yet but I intend to. Rich people can, if they want to, enclose themselves in a bubble and insulate themselves from the outside world. Michael Jackson was an excellent example of that.

I have never used the words “Trigger warning” in my life :slight_smile: but this is brutal. They just go on and on hour after hour of graphic (nothing left out) details of the abuse.

They’re like Trump bots.