Anyone Seen gropey joe biden's List of Supreme Court Nominees Yet?

Meanwhile after nearly 4 years

That’s like a Weekend At Trumpies.


I like how you think this is some kind of insane amount of money. It is not. I think that’s a pretty cost effective impeachment.

As far as “sham”, here’s the criminal referral about Trump and Ukrainemade to the DNI that Billy Barr buried. Dude was the most corrupt AG in history and where’s the love?

This Is The Criminal Referral Against Donald Trump

So were Trump’s taxes. That didn’t stop people from demanding to see them for four years.

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I kinda believe this allegation was handled in a political impeachment.

Don’t look up how much bengazi hearing cost. It might anger you more.

Probably waiting on the two seats in Georgia. If he knows he doesn’t have a chance of court packing, he will be against it on principle.

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Got a link to where Biden said he would release a list after the election?

Please note that no president before Trump has been stupid enough to do such a thing.

Yes yes we will …

Btw i love the juxtaposition of this post and the copious posts about left eating itself, breaking the ranks, left canceling its own etc.

There is nothing contradictory there… no more than noting that self avowed marxists killed each other in your country in the early 20th century. They simply have many factions and each follows their own leader. But they were all cut from the same marxist cloth… just different shades and weaves.

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So are we a unified group or sheep or meh?

Oh yeah??

And what are you gonna do about it??

He said it.

Fake news??

Nothing in those articles said he stated he would release a list after the election. As the one article said, the fact Trump did it means it’s probably stupid.

So no, not fake news. Maybe you should try actually reading them.

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Unlimited openings, if you believe the rhetoric from many Democrats prior to the election.

He was talking before that abut a bunch of black women he was vetting.

Fake news??

Nope. Magazine speculating about what they think he’s working on and what they think he’s “hinting” is not the same as him promising to do something. Good effort, though.

He just likes vetting black women…in his spare time…a hobby.

Not nice to tease those poor black women like that.

Another broken promise??

He’s not even sworn in yet and there’s not an opening right now so why would you assume he’d be releasing a list anytime soon?