Anyone Seen gropey joe biden's List of Supreme Court Nominees Yet?

I can’t find it anywhere… He promised that we would see his list after the election.

Oh well, what’s one more biden lie when he has already lied about

  • how his wife and daughter died
  • how and where he met his new wife while she was married
  • his whole life story including his education
  • medical condition to dodge the draft
  • his family’s schemes and graft
  • his ties to china
  • everything else for 50 years

Waiting on that list gropey joe…



It’s a mute point.


Ba dum dum tichhhhh

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Is there an opening I don’t know about?


He could release a list a year from now and it would still be “after the election.”


Doesn’t matter. It’s what he promised.

How droll.

And accurate. He has four years beginning Jan. 20.

I hope you meant “moot” because, YES!

Funny you should say that.

Waiting on that list from the well-known liar and cheat.

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Keep us posted.

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Kinda like a tax return from certain individual? actually i’m still waiting for the big news from Hawii. Donald said his investigators found great evidence about some birth certificate.

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Didn’t beijing biden also promise to tell us his opinion on court-packing after the election as well.

Waiting on that too…

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I’ll make sure and do that.

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I think we be seeing a list when Clancy resigns in October.


Quality content.

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Did I ever lie to you about my list of nominees??

Why don’t you put up…

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It’s gonna be a rough four years for people who can’t get off the Trump Train. Woohoo! Trump in a landslide!

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Libs will except whoever their masters select for them.

The 15-justice court will have 6 openings.

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