Anyone ever drunk Absinthe before?

We are having a small thanksgiving just four of us and the neighbor told me he was bringing a bottle of Absinthe. I have read about it, and would imagine the effects are overblown was just curious before I consume something that looks Hulk urine and go and cut off my ear off like Theo Van Gogh, has anyone had this before and what I should expect?

Thank you

You won’t hallucinate. You won’t even drink that much liquid licorice before you hate it. lol

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So you may already know this, but your neighbors are definitely swingers.

Nobody has ever brought out absinthe and then said “let’s have some absinthe followed by a totally normal evening.”


You should expect very strong liquor that tastes like licorice.

Nothing more than that.

Our school yearbook is named “Absinthe.” Go figure.

It’s like an anisette along the lines of Ouzo or Sambuca.

If you like those drinks then Absinthe will be fine.

The stories about it are all from an old moral panic.

Absinthe is a myth… the stuff they sell now is just a tourist trap…

Get some molly and ice water and have a much more enjoyable experience…


The devil in little green bottle.

I bought 4 bottles of Czech absinthe supposedly with bookoo amounts of wormwood back in the 90’s. Never really could drink enough to ascertain if it was actually psychoactive, I’ve siphoned gas tanks that tasted better.

I read it’s bitter, not hallucinating is nice though :slight_smile:

Do you like black licorice?

No I hate it ugh, that’s a big no

They are freaky people, it’s the man who gave me the coronavirus back in late April. Good neighbors and all :slight_smile:

The more I think about it that you said swingers it makes since from some of the ways they have acted in the past. Nothing said to crazy or at lest I thought, now though the puzzle is aligning.

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I am a novice drinker outside of beer and bourbon.

I have a bottle. The effects of absinthe are a myth, no green fairy unfortunately. Like 40-50% alcohol, so as strong as bourbon. Taste like black licorice, not a fan personally.

I’m not sure how your neighbors drink it, buts generally mixed with sugar and water. Not something that normally drunk on ice or neat.

Just looked at my bottle. Actually higher proof than bourbon. Mines 65%.

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I tried it last year for the first time… last year.

Truly “Scotty doesn’t know”

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Wormwood is psychoactive, though in absinthe, you’d die of alcohol poisoning before wormwood would start affecting you.

Well, you probably won’t like absinthe. lol


Mom brought me home a bottle of absinthe one time from her annual trip to London because I was really curious to try it. Let’s just say I got over my curiosity pretty quickly. I went back to asking for bottles of Gordon’s Special Dry London Gin instead.

Edit: There are some cocktails that incorporate a little absinthe so maybe research a few of those and have the ingredients on hand.

I hate it, too. I can’t even stand the smell of it.

Now you’re going to have to talk to people with black licorice breath :nauseated_face:

Seems like an odd pairing with turkey. I’m thinking a pumpkin or cranberry martini sounds a lot better. :crazy_face: