Anyone ever drunk Absinthe before?

I can do Jägermeister is that even close?

Sazerac. But it just uses an Absinthe rinse.


You really want to try something that’ll singe your nose hairs, have a go at Hungarian Zwack. Like Jaeger on roids:

I tried it on a cruise ship once. It’s available in Europe. Meh.

More than enough in my book.

Is that what it is? Now I know I never drank it. I remember the things that come right back up.

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I might have to try it. I love black licorice

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That’s all anyone needs … and perhaps a glass of good dry red wine with your rare steak.

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I have to admit the bottle looks awesome. Might by one just for that purpose although the wife might think I am taking up drinking :slight_smile:

I have had 130+ proof bourbons. The thing is, I can drink two ounces of 130 proof bourbon; I doubt many people could stomach two ounces of Absinthe … whether you like licorice or not.

Thanks for all the replies I think I will pass on the Absinthe as well as what appears to be my swinger neighbors don’t like black liquorish and defiantly don’t need the swinger drama in my life as a newlywed.

I will just tell them to make other plans the swinger thing has me pondering on some past comments from him and his wife.

Like once before I was married but engaged his wife said “Axxowiz is a handsome man isn’t he to her husband” and his reply was something to the extent of ya he is a handsome ■■■■■ If he would have said that about my fiancée at the time I probably would have told him to piss off.

Absinthe used to be a bar staple for mixed drinks before the “OMG IT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY” do-gooders essentially got it banned. The recipes called for a dash … even the high proof wasn’t noticeable, let alone any effect from woodworm.