Anybody know what type of weapon was used?

In the Canada mass murder? When something like this happens in the U.S., one of the first things the media demands to know is the type of weapon involved. We usually know within a few hours if not sooner. So far I have heard nothing regarding the type of weapon. Anybody know?

The gunman used a handgun and long guns during his attack. Police said they were able to trace one weapon to Canada but that they think the gunman obtained the other firearms from the United States.

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They already know what type of weapon he used. They found it with his body. In the U.S. this info is made available immediately. Usually the same day. Has the press even asked?


Leather also said that Wortman had no licence to own guns and that his weapons were illegally purchased, a matter that will be investigated further.[7][8] Global News reported that a rifle, shotgun, and handgun, were used in the attacks.[14] Police later said all but one of the firearms had originated in the United States.[15]

Its pretty easy to find illegal long barrel gun in Canada.
hand gun are also the most illegal traded.

RCMP did a report a few years ago that said majority of firearm used in crimes are illegal bought or smuggled into Canada from U.S

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That’s not very specific. What type of rifle? A bolt action .22 or an AK-47?


I was just trying to give some requested information.

Long barrel are normally bolt action or pumped action
an AK-47 or AR-15 would be classed as small arms

When police in Canada use the term long barrel they are talking about specific style of weapon bolt action rifles or shotgun since how Canadian gun laws work weapon are class into categories which you can own based on your license level.

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Yes a long barrel rifle the brand of rifle isn’t relevant.

So, if a Canadian gets a gun license and goes to purchase a weapon. Does he say, I’ll take a long barreled rifle please? :man_shrugging:

a basic firearm license allow you to only buy long barrel rifles or shotgun.
you need a prohibited license to buy small arm or a handgun

So, if a Canadian gets a gun license and goes to purchase a weapon. Does he say, I’ll take a long barreled rifle please? :man_shrugging:

Maybe since those are the only guns he can legally purchase.

What is the caliber and magazine capacity of a Canadian long barreled rifle? Do you hunt Moose and squirrels with the same long barreled rifle?

caliber isn’t relevant really, Magazine can only hold 5 rounds, and its based on the length of the barrel / total length.

semi-automatic weapon are automatically classed as restricted.

so long barrel rifles are either bolt action or pump action.

Then try shooting a grizzly with a .22. :grin:

So you actually have no clue what type of weapon he used since it was not legally owned by him. They are withholding the information.

I know it wasn’t a “scary” assault rifle.

Good. Because I though that only a “scary” assault rifle could inflict this much death. Why ban them if a 5 round .22 can do the same thing?

There not banned, you can buy them just need a restricted license.
and don’t ask me the laws are stupid.