Any Birthers Still Around Here?


He didnt start tweeting till the 2016 campaign. Are you forgetting?


So your best argument is that Trump didn’t push the birther issue? Really?


Up to three!


The deep state keeps removing it from his desk.


This could become a One and Only thread about the all-time craziest One and Only thread.


Fingers crossed!


No he wasn’t it was actually Hillary during the primary campaign against each other who brought up the subject which led to the birther conspiracy.


“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”


Are we going by the one and only thread?

If so, there are a bunch of birthers here.



No, the deep state in located in area 57. It can’t be penetrated.


The 14th was not meant to alter the Natural Born Citizen aspect.

It was meant, in that part, to prevent the several States from disallowing citizenship to freedmen.


I’m not making any argument that has anything to do with Trump, dude. I was born a skeptic. I listened to the recording of his grandmother’s interview. I read the book publisher’s bio. I know that no one who is having one of his first books published is not going to proof-read and approve their own bio. I put all these things together along with the Subud connection with Loretta Fuddy and know that the truth is not what Obama now says it is.

But you keep believing the most incredible story while calling others gullible.


As you watch the birthers get drawn to this flame, remember that they vote.


Thing is, with all of the banning going on, I’m not sure if pointing out the birthers is a violation, despite them themselves having said in other threads that they are birthers. I’m 100 percent on one. The others might’ve had a change of heart since Trump dumped the conspiracy a while back.


I’m not surprised you’re proud of that nonsense.


From what I can tell a bunch of birthers are proud to be birthers.


Post of the Month!!!


If Obama was not an American, Trump would have exposed it by now. Donald hates the guy and is doing everything in his power to diminish his legacy. He hasn’t proven his birther claims because they are just not true.


Okay, and with the topic no longer having any political weight or purpose, they’ve just stopped talking about it.

Birtherism has gone the way, in no particular order, of Benghazi, Obama tapping Trump’s phone, sniper fire, the Clinton Foundation, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, tan suits, Whitewater, global warming, mom jeans, Scalia’s mysterious death, Muslims cheering in New Jersey during 9/11, Comet Ping Pong, Michelle Obama’s healthy lunches, and Obama’s feet up on the desk.