Any Birthers Still Around Here?


Trump was the nation’s top birther. He used anonymous sources. Pushed the conspiracy for Obama’s entire terms. Only until he won the nomination did he give a false hearted denial of the birther conspiracy.

So, do we still have any birthers here? Or is it settled?


We would have to check in with his book publisher and his grandmother to see if they changed their story again.

We could ask Loretta Fuddy, but… she died in a mysterious plane ditching. So there is no one alive who has verified his birth certificate.

But hey… we can just take Obama’s word for it. He’s honest enough and has no reason to lie.


Yes. Only now they’re called QAnon and moved on to the deep state/ global pedophile ring
that their champion Trump is going to expose


Are we bringing back the one and only? Boy was that a crazy thread.


Looks like I was mistaken and that there are actually those gullible enough to still believe it


Typically the gullible ones are the masses. The skeptical ones are few.



Yeah, its not the ones who still believe something after 11 years without a single shred of evidence just because it make them feel better


Birther count = 1

I’ll keep track for ya’ll


Remember my name. That way, when the truth comes out you can say you debated the only guy left in America who knew the truth. Maybe you will regain some modicum of self respect then.


It’s been almost 11 years. Exactly when is this “truth” going to be exposed?


I can confirm that there is at least one birther here who I’m guessing will no longer admit it.

Also, wasn’t there a guy with the name “Robert” or “Roberts” and “Man” in his name who ran with that birther stuff for more than half a decade?

I’d occasionally stop by that One and Only thread, type something like, “Obama was born in Hawaii,” and his response would fill a screen and a half.


Truth can come out a number of ways. I use my crystal ball for more important things than learning when Obama’s real birthplace (and father) will be revealed.

Pretty sure Loretta was going to fess up and tell us where he WASNT born … but then that mysterious plane ditching… “happened”.


If true then why hasn’t the world’s biggest birther done a thing in 2 years to prove it? It’s not like he doesn’t have the authority to do so or dropped his grudge against Obama


“Roberts the man” was the user. He had the longest running thread in the history of that forum.


He and I don’t talk much anymore. So I cant say.


Btw, he only posted on that thread. Lol!


He posted with so much slang I couldn’t make heads or tails of some of it.

I remember “Obots,” which I got, but some of the others, no clue.


Maybe because it’s not true. If it was true there’s no possible chance Trump would let it stay buried and not let the world know he was right.


I kinda think the same think about Trump’s supposed Russian collusion and Mueller’s willingness to let a Russian agent in the Oval office.

If it was true… we would know.


There’s one! :joy: