Any Birthers Still Around Here?


The investigation is ongoing.


hell, one of the reasons that a bunch of people voted for Trump was to erase the legacy of the guy who wasn’t an american.

he was seen as a Kenyan usurper. sorta similar to how Nia is usurping Thomas from Kenya.


Mueller isn’t the type to play his cards prematurely. He is one of the country’s top law officials and isn’t going to destroy his own case.

Trump on the other hand doesn’t has absolutely impulse control


One time, I just posted “squirrel” and he did the same thing.


Yeah… so maybe the investigation into Obamaxs birthplace is still ongoing. Just be patient… right?


Who said Trump was personally doing the investigation?


What investigation?


That question is all he’s gonna need, you know. Enjoy the races.


Are you one of these people who think there should be no national secrets?

Lord… I bet you are.

You see… it would damage America’s image for other nations to see how Americans can be conned. And then, Obama being an illegitimate president, it may make us subject to international lawsuits for things that were done by some random guy (Obama) when he did not have the legitimacy of the office.

Look, kiddo… just keep believing what everyone else believes. You arnt really ready for the truth.


The investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. He thinks it’s a real thing


There is no investigation. Obama’s birth certificate is just another thing Trump lied to you about to get elected.


And they’re off and running . . .


Gyuk gyuk gyuk… Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama was born in Hawaii. Gyuk gyuk gyuk.

Say it in your sleep.


It’s real in his mind but nowhere else.


So, two birthers: Ish and somebody else who I shall not name.

Any others, I wonder?


Hillary Clinton’s campaign people told me. Not Trump. Oh my… you forgot, didnt you.


Trump told you over and over again. Don’t make me find his idiotic tweets.


Doesn’t the POTUS have the power to look at any document in the land?


Where born is unimportant if both parents aren’t citizens at the time of birth.

It doesn’t matter if it was Obama or Cruz.


He’s personally examining the issue between rounds of golf and rage tweets.