Antifa Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda

What does “putting antifa out of business” mean?

They’re not a business, or any sort of legal entity.

What does “shut them down” mean?

This topic is stupid.

Antifa is not even a fraction of what the KKK is pertaining to violence

If there was ever a time we needed a tea party…


There are a lot more then a few dozen ANTIFA thugs and most of them are masked “white men” :roll_eyes:

Typically, the way right wing terrorist organizations have been “put out of business” is a combination of jail time in response to violent actions and law suits for damages sustained by individuals.

The point is that Antifa provides more benefit to the right – by giving them something indefensible to point out than benefit it provides to the left.

How much of the nationalist violence meets the definition of terrorism, vs how much is because they run drugs.

Compare that to Antifa where all of their protests meet the definition of terrorism.

When has antifa bombed a church? Committed a lynching? Executed public figures?

White nationalist are doing the same stuff as antifa

1 & 2 meet my definition of terrorism, but not the legal definition.

When was the last time they did 3?

I bet I could find on google that Antifa has used violence, or the threat of violence, to try to effect political change within the last week or two.

Are you a democrat?


It means arrest them and give them some semi serious jail time when they beat the hell out of folks they don’t like.

Quit letting get by with it and even letting them direct traffic in Portland not long ago as the police just stand by. In fairness to police that order seems to come down from the lefty mayor.

Berekley is another cesspool where antifa goes around beating folks, rioting, etc and nothing is done.

a white nationalist killed 3 people today.

Why are you defending such a disgusting group of people?

Do you donate to antifa or something?

You’re right. He did.

But it wasn’t terrorism, and doesn’t change the fact that most Antifa gatherings are terroristic in nature.

LOL, there are like 32 people in Antifa.

Sure there is.

“Terroristic in nature”


Sounds scary!